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I really like his no non sense easy to understand approach. Also have started his free 7 day and going to order more of his products in the near future. His recipe books look amazing. Been trying to find a good clean eating site for I ave found it!

Tammy L, Individual Results May Vary

Thank you for all your valuable info I have been doing the back to basics 7 day meal plan for a week and a half loving it, my clothes were getting tight now they are getting loose hooray! I am very motivated just needed that little nudge, looking forward to hearing more wonderful stuff thank you once again.

Tania F, Individual Results May Vary

Today is exactly 1 month of clean eating following Chris Bridger's 7 day free plan. I feel amazing and have had amazing results - Thank you Chris, you have helped changed my life for the better and I am now well on my way to my goal weight. I have done many diets in my life and this feels so different, this is a Lifestyle change not a Diet and I am really enjoying the food and how I feel, the best part is how simple it is to do around working, being a wife and a busy Mum to a 3 year old and 4 mth old! Looking forward to my results for the next month"

Krystle H, Individual Results May Vary

I think you are doing a great thing. This is a very good eating plan. I lost weight before with Weight Watchers (before they were bought by Nestle and have gone completely away from clean healthy eating).   I kept the weight off for ten years, until difficult circumstances and emotional stress started a comfort eating habit. Now I am back to clean eating (not Weight Watchers but a strict detox eating plan), and feel so much better for it.  I have lost the weight, but still have to fight the voice in my head that tells me to just indulge myself and eat whatever I want. Thank you for providing this great eating plan to people for free. You are a good man and this is a great mission.

Andrea, Individual Results May Vary

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