3 Reasons Why Dairy Products Are Unhealthy

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Putting cream in your coffee ad consumption of ice cream are some of the ways through which you introduce dairy foods into your diet, in addition to eating eggs and poultry meat. Though, dairy products may be consume sparingly but regular consumption of these foods can be detrimental to your health.  There are several reasons you should stop consuming dairy, but the three most prominent reasons are;

  • Dairy foods can be very difficult to digest,
  • Dairy contains more contaminants than most other foods ( Dioxins are some of the contaminants often found in milk , for instance),
  • Dairy contain a high amount of unhealthy animal hormones.

Dairy may be difficult to digest

You don’t have to be diagnosed with lactose intolerance before you discover that some dairy products can be extremely difficult to digest. Research has shown that more than 50% of humans do not possess sufficient enzymes to digest milk, especially the one obtained from cow. Most humans do not have enough lactase- the enzyme that helps digest milk.

There are a huge amount of hormones inside milk

Your Milk and yoghurt may be 100% organic, but the fact that dairy cows  possess high se hormones for their entire lives , especially when they are pregnant simply means, that a substantial amount of progesterone and estrogen hormones will be passed through into the milk obtained from them. You need to understand that an high risk exposure to estrogen hormones may increase your chances of developing cancer. The extremely high hormones in milk may also cause the development of “male boobs”, and the consumption of excess hormones may trigger some abnormal activities of hormones in your body.

There are too many contaminants in milk

It should be noted that dairy milk contributes between 25-50% of the total absorption of dioxins into the human body. Simply put, Dioxins are very toxic compounds, produced through some manufacturing activities. Dioxins are very complex and they do not leave the body easily, they may eventually build up to the extent of lowering the immune system and negatively affecting reproductive functions. Dioxins are also known to affect the nervous system.

Some other contaminants that may be introduced during the processing and manufacturing of milk and milk products include; melamine- a substance found in plastic and known to contain high Nitrogen contents that can affect the Kidney and the urinary tract. Carcinogenic substances such as Afflatoxins can be introduced into your body, when you drink raw milk- these are substances produced when a cow suffering from mastitis is treated with antibiotics.

It is believed that consuming certain dairy products can cause skin breakouts. Many dairy products have high glycemic index measurements, and cow milk in particular contains hormones that can trigger acne breakouts, especially in teenagers. New researches have also linked an higher risk of Parkinson disease to the consumption of excess dairy products, most especially milk. Breast and prostate cancers have also been linked with the consumption of milk in high amounts.


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