5 Ways You Can Get A Better Sleep

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5 Of the Top Foods for Better Sleep

Mostly everyone has had trouble falling asleep at some time in their lives. Even if we feel we are sleeping we may not be really getting the rest we need. Our bodies require this time rejuvenate itself for many reasons, which makes sleep vital for our health.

Sleep for most is not at the top of our list and yet escapes most of us at times. We all have busy days and so many things to accomplish. Not being able to tune everything out and get enough shut-eye affects more than 50 million people. Realizing that getting the best sleep at night will enhance your productivity for the next day is an important step. Attaining better sleep will in turn help to achieve more throughout your day and give you a great feeling by the fact that you have gotten more done and have more energy mentally as well as physically.

There are simple foods that will take you to the biggest step of getting that drastically needed night’s rest. Just by adjusting your diet you can increase your odds to getting that well deserved and needed sleep.

The Benefits of Sleeping Better

As we age we lose some of the natural supplements within our bodies that are necessary for a peaceful night’s slumber. When we are losing this time needed for a complete night of somber is when these top foods play a very important part of our daily diets. Sleeping helps us to enhance our brain functions and improve our emotional well-being among many other things.

There are many reasons to be sure to get a good night’s sleep. You will find an overall better healthy feeling throughout the day. With feeling better you will find includes less pain and inflammation. Also, your body heals itself while we are at rest, this will improve the immunity system as well. Not sleeping well can also lead to weight problems. People that sleep well have less colds and sicknesses compared to restlessness and non-sleepers. Sleeping helps your body to protect itself against these illnesses and stay healthier.

A better sex life is included in the package of a great restful sleep pattern. You will find your memory seems to be improved immensely. A good peaceful rest will definitely have you in a better mood throughout the day. Whether at work or school the productivity level will be increased to help you feel more accomplished.

A sleep deficiency can cause anger, mood swings, depression, lack of motivation among many other symptoms and issues. Even just a simple loss of 1-2 hours of sleep can affect your ability to function up to par the next day. Some times throughout the day a power nap may be required. This can help to build up some of that energy loss you are feeling. Not everyone has that luxury, so getting your rest a night-time is the best choice.

The Top 5 Foods for a More Restful Sleep

These benefits from the top foods are natural and healthy within themselves, but hold a higher benefit when it comes to helping you to sleep better and feel restful. For those suffering from insomnia have found these top 5 foods to have improved their ability to sleep. Most of these foods can be consumed later in the evening as a small snack. These are all natural choices that aide in the enrichment of our natural chemicals that help us rest.

  1.   Cherries or Cherry Juice – There are several researches and studies conducted at universities that have proven that Cherries boost the levels of melatonin. The better choice is the tart cherry versus the sweet cherries for the better result.
  2.   Rice – Jasmine or brown rice being a complex carbohydrate helps to maintain the balance of the serotonin levels to supports your body to relax and be able sleep.
  3.   Beverages –  Herbal Teas as Chamomile or Peppermint before bed will help to relax the mind and body to rest.
  4.   Nuts – Unsaturated fat foods like all natural Peanut Butter and the choice of nuts such as Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews, and Pistachios help to bring the serotonin levels up to prepare you and your body for sleep.
  5.   Honey – In its natural form, Honey helps to raise insulin levels slightly and allow tryptophan to enter easier for a more restful sleep. Just a teaspoon of straight honey or as a spread on toasted wheat bread will have you feeling more relaxed.

Some of the foods containing these natural chemicals that our bodies supply us are just the enhancement we may need some times to be able to get a good night’s sleep. Melatonin is naturally found in our bodies that helps control our sleep cycle of when to rest and when to be awake. Serotonin handles quite a lot of various functions in the body including how we sleep.  Chamomile tea helps you sleep due to the increase of glycine that relaxes the nerves and muscles to help you feel calm enough to sleep. Combing this tea with honey will definitely give you the upper hand to a smooth night of harmony.

These are the top 5 foods that help obtain that great night’s sleep. There are other simple diet ideas that are suggested, such as grabbing a banana, grapes or an apple before you retire for the evening. Most of the time if you are having issues with sleeping take a good look at your diet. Look at the types of food you had that day and you will see a big difference when you change your eating habits. Great eating habits are always the best way, but timing with getting proper sleep is the key.

Important Note

Driving while drowsy from not getting proper rest is more dangerous than driving while drinking. This is how harmful sleep deficiency can be, not only in driving, but our everyday activities are diminished as well. By just changing your diet can give you a safer home, work place, and overall life.

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