6 Easy Ways To Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick!

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The New year is here and now is a great time to set goals refocus in what you want to achieve this coming year.

When it comes to goal setting there are many different ways to do so, in today’s post I’m going to be sharing some if the ways I think work best and hopefully simplify the process for you.

Tip one set goals, then turn it in to a problem to solve.

What I mean by this is goals are outcomes of other actions. Say for example lose 5 kgs is your goal. Instead of leaving it at that, let’s look at the top 3 actions or problems you need to solve in order to achieve that goal.Consider these as the train tracks, and the goal is the station you want to arrive at.

We build our tracks by developing a plan of how to get to the next station. For this example it might be ad simple as exercise 3 x per week, cut out some junk food and get 8 hours of quality sleep each night.They areblike the train tracks that if we follow in order to reach our destination.

Tip 2 set shorter goals

Like the train station metaphor setting a goal to far in the future will make it harder to acheive. Like with the train station a shorter trip is more manageable and easier to focus on less daunting and less stressful. Setting long term goals only makes things harder because the thought of how far you need to go often makes it hard.

Shorter goals are easier to focus on easier to manage and we have less to focus on there is less pressure on you.

Tip 3 take the pressure off

Accept your self right now as you are. There is a trap I call the happiness trap. It’s when we set a goal and the outcome if the goal is what will make us happy. This is a mistake.

Happiness is something we all want from our Weight loss journey. However happiness is a choice sometimes it’s hard to decide to be right now there maybe things in our lives that are causing us to be unhappy however there are ways we can make changes. We all have ability to be happy, getting into the mindset of I will be happy when… can set you up for failure.

Because very often people get what they think they want and discover it’s an empty feeling, not always but some times it can happen. Leaving you still feeling un happy.

To sum up this point do the best you can to be happy and accept yourself for who you are right now. If you can be happy now, the whole journey become so much more enjoyable and rewarding and even fun. Becuaee you have take n the pressure off yourself.

Tip 4 focus on less stuff

The 80 20 rule applies to many things in life, if your not familiar with it I’ll explain it quickly. The 80 20 rule simply means. 80% of your results are coming from 20% of your actions.

What this basically means is that much of what we do doesn’t have much impact on results. Meaning 80% of what you are doing or what you think may not be helping you get the results you want.

If only 20% of what we do makes an impact on our results. It makes sense to focus all our efforts on the few things that really matter that really help Weight loss. These might be eating less, getting to bed in time and exercising regularly.

If we focus in what matters most and often less stuff it’s easier to execute and follow through on our plan there is less confusion. And it also take the worry away from feeling like more is better. Often less is better. More good less bad. The challenge is to get educated and discover what is good and bad for you.

Tip 5 The past doesn’t equal the future.

If you have tried many times to lose Weight or had struggles in the past that should no discourage you from trying again. In my 5 ways to lose Weight  formula each step needs to be addressed. When skip a step or give more focus to one area and not abother, often it leads to a replace or a yoyo dieting situation.

We tend to make this about us we use phrases like I’m a failure, I can’t do it I did this and it didn’t work. If this is what you believe you are telling yourself all these reason why it didn’t work. When sometimes we over emphasize our failures and don’t give our successes enough positive value.

We do plenty of things right but we often don’t give ourselves the credit where credit is due. Re framing what failure means is helpful, try and separate out your emotions. Having a coach or a personal trainer is helpful in working through these challenges and helping you make sense of your situation from an outside perspective.

Working through these old limiting beliefs can help you stop self sabotage in the future, making it easier for you to get to your goals in a positive way that works for the long term.

Tip 6 Make it part of your lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is available for anybody who wants it. Those that stick to it long term have made it part of there lifestyle, they have put healthy living as priority. Not because they have to but because they want to. But how do we shift that mindset from “Have too” To “Want too”? Its a different answer for everybody. And to be totally honest not everybody cares about there health. Which is a shame because a healthy lifestyle is available to everyone and often its free.

All it takes is a few small changes that add up to long term success. Be prepared for lapses here and there that’s life. Things will happen that are out of your control and there are times when your mind will take you back to behavior you are trying to change its all part of our conditioning. But if we make this whole process part of our lives and take the small consistent steps to form good habits you will get there its only a matter of time.

If you feel like you need more help losing weight or trying to change to a healthy lifestyle then I encourage you to join my Cleaning eating club. Its an online membership community of like minded motivated people who are all on the same path to good health. Inside the members area you will receive coaching, motivation and much more. To find out more about joining click on the link below!

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