7 Tips To Get Results Now

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Video Duration (25 Minutes 21 Seconds)

Episode Highlights:

01:13 – Ask yourself these questions

03:49 – Results you can acheive

04:58 – Don’t bury your head in the sand

05:46 – Are you sick of seeing this

09:02 – Critical Thing #1(Know Your Starting Point)

09:42 – Critical Thing #2(Following A Proven Plan)

10:47 – Critical Thing #3(Knowing What To Do)

13:20 – Critical Thing #4(Not Making It A lifestyle)

15:48 – Critical Thing #5(Self Sabotage)

18:13 – Critical Thing #6(Support Network)

19:04 – Critical Thing #7(Get Expert Help)

22:05 – What Can You Do About It?

Video Transcription:

There are 7 critical factors that you need to know to achieve clean eating success.  With regard to melting fat, recovering your energy levels, and rediscovering that head-turning feeling through the application of clean eating.

Start by downloading the meal plan, which will help you to begin achieving your clean eating results you need.  This is basically an extension of the guide and a bit more in depth of the concepts and factors that are really going to help you accelerate your progress.

Now, before we get started, you just need to ask yourself a few questions.  Do you ever wonder what it is you are actually eating, what you’re actually putting into your body?  Are you 100% certain that what you’re putting into your body is actually a clean food and not laden with chemicals, hidden chemicals, artificial flavors, sweeteners, all these sort of things?  Do you struggle all the time to prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family?  Do you have insatiable cravings for sweets, sugars, and junk food and have no idea how to stop or how to control it?  Are you an emotional eater who has the best intentions of eating healthy, getting on track but always manages to fall off the wagon and lose motivation and you just can’t seem to stop?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are definitely in the right place.

We definitely are able to help you out and you’re not alone. Several thousands of people across the world are going through these same struggles and problems. We’re going to help you get some breakthroughs and shed some light on some of these problems you might be having.

We’re going to discover and reveal to you the best clean eating strategies and tips to help achieve amazing results in the shortest possible time.  Results like, flattening your stomach, tightening and toning your thighs, regaining your health, making you happy, and above all else, giving you the tools and strategies to lead a long healthy life.

So who am I and why you should listen to me?  My name is Chris Bridger, the founder of the cleaneatingmealplan.com.au.  I’m a clean eating expert, personal trainer, author and speaker, health and wellness coach.  I’ve have ten years of personal training, experience in the health and wellbeing industry. I’ve helped literally hundreds of people lose weight and get healthy, with one on one personal training and consultations.  Here’s just an example of two of my clients.  On one side we’ve got Elvisa who lost 64 kilos and ten drop sizes in twelve weeks and there is Mel, on the other side that’s lost 40 kilos in 38 weeks.  Both of these ladies are just regular people.  They’ve just embraced the clean eating lifestyle and the methods that I teach and methods that I’m going to be sharing with you on how to achieve these results.  How am I able to help these people, just like you to achieve these seemingly impossible results, well, I’ll be honest with you the answer may shock you.  But, before we get into that I just want to paint a bit of a picture and tell a bit of a story of the typical type of person that I might see and coach.

If you’ve downloaded the clean eating plan, you’ve taken some action and you’ve actually got interest and desire to improve yourself, your health, and your wellness. At some stage in your life you may have been a bit oblivious and didn’t take responsibility for your results and what you wanted to achieve. I just want to congratulate you and just acknowledge that at this point in time to me and to yourself that you’re committed and have a desire to achieve success. We’re definitely going to endeavor to help you move forward.

Are you sick of seeing body images of how you should look splashed all over the media? Just maybe this gives you a perspective that maybe you’re not good enough or, you’re never going to get there or, it is seemingly unattainable on how you should look, feel, and behave. It’s pretty common from the people that I see that’s one of their chief complaints. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to feel that way. There is a more realistic approach, one that works for everyone that’s willing to give it a go and follow the rules.

Where do you even begin?  That’s the next biggest question.  There are so many options, choices, and so much confusion. We’re trying to promote clean eating and how you can just really keep it basic and simple. By giving you the best information, tools, and strategies will help you to get the results that you’re after.  The answer to begin is with clean eating and a little bit of exercise, plus following a few simple lifestyle rules that guarantee success.  The reason I can say they guarantee success is because I know that when people follow these rules, implement the strategies, and actually follow them as part of their routine. It is important to implement these changes not just for a day or a week or two weeks, but actually to embrace them as part of your lifestyle change. Then you will be able to achieve long lasting simple, easy to achieve results.

Critical Fact Number One

Take a good hard look at what you’re doing and what you need to do to achieve results.  What are you eating on a daily basis?  Meaning what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and fluids.  You’ve got to know what you’re putting into your body on a daily basis.  If you’ve got any chance of changing, making changes, moving in a different direction exercising is essential. A little bit of exercise is essential, but you don’t need to go ridiculously hard or push yourself to the extremes to get great results.  Nutrition clean eating principles are really the cornerstone and exercise is just another catalyst to help improve that.  Are you currently losing weight or gaining weight?  People’s weight fluctuates up and down with yoyo diets and all the rest of it.  The question is do you really know if you’re going up or you’re going down?  But if you’re like most people, you might wake up in twelve months and realize, you’ve gone up five, ten kilos and you don’t even know why. This is only because it’s been a steady growth over that period, but you just haven’t been paying attention and then all of a sudden you’re 10, 15 kilos overweight.  Are you tired all the time? Looking at your lifestyle, what you’re doing, tiredness is probably one of the common problems that go along with excessive weight or lack of energy.  Are you stressed?  Are you doing the same old thing and expecting a different result?

Critical Fact Number Two

Do you currently follow a plan that is consistent or do you just eat any old thing, at any old time?  Do you have set meals and times?  Do you have a set recipe list?  Do you have a set menu that you follow?  Do you have an overall plan that you follow on a day to day basis to get results?  Do you plan your cheat meals or your treats or do you just eat junk whenever you want?

A consistent plan is a huge key case.  Consistency is better than brilliance.  So, one good day or one really excellent day is not as good as seven above average days in a row or even 80% days in a row.  Consistency is a huge key area to get mastered if you want to have long lasting clean eating success.

Critical Fact Number Three

You must have the knowledge of what you are actually eating.  What does your food contain?  How many calories?  How many grams of fat, protein, carbohydrates?  Are they simple carbs?  Are they complex carbs?  Are you eating saturated fat?  Are you eating omega-3, omega-6?  All these things you need to know so you can make the right choices.  How many grams of fat?  How many calories?  Is it clean?  Is it not?

No one should be afraid of fat.  Fat is actually one of your biggest friends moving forward in the next stage of the clean eating plan. There is too much focus on the sheer act of being observant and not so much having to count calories and being obsessed over it. We just want to know basically what it is that we’re putting into our body. Then we can make choices about what we’re choosing.  Counting calories in versus calories out is the best way to predict weight loss, period.  This means if you’ve tried other program before or you’ve tried other approaches and you haven’t counted calories and you’re wondering why you’re not getting any results. Mainly, you’ve eaten too little or too much and it’s purely because you’re eating more or less than optimal because there is a certain level that you need to maintain to be able to lose weight.  If you go too high or too low nothing will happen and that’s what generally most people do. When you try to lower you calorie intake too low, then the starvation response kicks in. Then eat too much and your body will store excess fat.  So you’ve got to find the balance of calories, in versus calories out. The best predictor of that particularly is in the early stages.  You can even overeat on clean foods.  This goes to show that the calories in, calories out model is a good starting point. As you progress through your journey, switching from a 100% clean foods, calories will become less of an issue because your body will be more in tune with what you need to eat. Your body will instinctively tell you if you’ve eaten too much or not enough and then it will become hard to over eat on clean food.  But, if you’re still on the junk food and you’re still not losing weight, calories are king. Clean eating, as well as calorie counting is definitely going to set you up for success.

Critical Fact Number Four

What you might not be doing. As it has been mentioned before, the need to sleep for eight hours every night is essential for fat burning and metabolism.  Five hours sleep is not eight hours sleep, six hours sleep is not eight hours sleep, eight hours sleep is the bare minimum. You might be thinking if more sleep is good, even more sleep must be better.  That’s not correct either, eight hours is optimal.  Any more than eight hours and you run into problems as well.

Drink roughly eight glasses of water per day.  Fat needs water to metabolize into energy so if you want fat loss, you need water to help facilitate that. As well as all the other metabolic processes that the body needs water for, so drinking water is highly important.

Manage your stress.  Stress will add more weight if you’re not careful because it stimulates the same response to store fat.  You can be doing everything else right, but if you’re stressed out to the max, then you’re never going to be able to shift the weight.  That’s when you hear complaints about stubborn belly fat or fat from the thighs that you can’t shake because stress is a factor.  Don’t forget to get relaxation and have fun time.  If you’re highly stressed, then you need balance out with pleasure as well.  Whatever you need to do to relax or have fun, will help balance out the two branches of the nervous system. Making this part of your lifestyle and your routine is the hard part. Everything else up to this point is pretty easy, but making it a routine and doing it day in, day out, while not stressing or feeling any limiting beliefs or anxiety is really the true challenge.  Focus on feeling better and believe it or not you will look better and not the other way around.  Quick fixes don’t exist.  All they do is lead you back to square one and no closer to your goals.

Critical Fact Number 5

Acknowledge yourself sabotaging and limiting beliefs.  This is really huge.  Try this simple change of phrase.  Anytime someone says, “oh, you should eat more vegetables” and you reply you know that.  I know.  I know.  Follow it up with, instead of I know, change it to I will or will I.  So the question is will you eat more vegetables?  Ask yourself that question rather than I know what to do.  You know what to do, but are you willing to do it?  Change the “I can’t” to an “I won’t” and I won’t implies that you won’t accept and change.  Design your “I” statements to make them motivating and empowering.  When your psychology changes it’s easier for your body to change and vice versa, so the body fixes the mind and the mind fixes the body.  This topic is pretty massive and there will be more to come in the future with links. This is more than enough to get you started and aware of what you need to do.

Critical Fact Number 6

Be careful with whom you surround yourself around.  This has a huge bearing on your lifestyle and making change.  Resistance from family, friends, and partners in particular can have a major bearing on your changes. If you can’t get your friends or your partner to at least join you or agree to the changes, then there are a few things to consider. If you’re going to change what you’re eating and your partner’s not on board, then you’ve really got to sit down and think about how you can get the results you want without putting pressure on your partner. If your partner is just flat out against it, not supportive, then you may need to take it on your own self to set the standard.  If people try and drag you down and get you saying no, then you don’t need to entertain that or invite that into your life.  If you’re saying I’m on a diet and people try and force junk food at you, just get used to saying no and eventually, they’ll get the picture.  As I’ve said before, take it on your own to set an example and take the lead.  Also, seek out likeminded people that actually support and care and can help you and motivate you along the process.

Critical Fact Number Seven

Getting help from an expert if needed.  If you’re not making any progress try getting outside help, talk to healthy people and take their advice. An even better solution would be to see a health professional as in a health doctor, dietician, nutritionist, naturopath, or others.  If they are healthy themselves, then they can teach you how to be healthy.  Seek out someone who has a track record and can get results for multiple people, not just themselves.  Look out for vague and generic advice, like everyone is different or everyone has different sets of problems. If someone comes along and says they’ve got this miracle cure or miracle exercise or miracle food you should eat, beware.  Maybe run in the other direction, seriously just ask questions.  Ask the hard questions and take it upon yourself to take action, don’t be afraid to try something new.  If you’ve always done what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

Wrap Up

You may only be one step away from the right thing that works for you.  So what can you do from here?  You’ve got to have an action plan, start a food diary first thing tomorrow.  Just grab a piece of paper or book, something you can write in.  Start with breakfast, even if you don’t write breakfast.  Just keep track of absolutely everything that you’re eating and doing for the whole week.  Eliminate all your sugars for five days except for fruit.  We’re going to do a little bit of a sugar detox.  Make sure you’ve got plenty of water to help assist with that.  Get to bed early.  Get that eight hours of sleep and start some exercise.  Twenty minute walks are all you need, two to three, three to four times a week.  If you cannot do twenty minutes then just build up to what you can do.  If you’ve got a gym membership, go to the gym.  Walk the dog.  Anything is better than nothing.  Start with small steps and identify what you want.  And then, list all your mental road blocks and tackle them one at a time.  This is another thing that will take a bit of time, but with coaching, reflection, and acknowledging that you have them is a great start. You’ve got to be well-placed to knock them out one at a time.  You get a head start and make life easier.

I do offer personal coaching over Skype, but these time lots are very limited. Due to the popularity of the personal coaching, I can only take a handful of clients at any one time.  There are various options available, but I’ll encourage you if you’re not in need of personal coaching to check out the other assets on the website or Facebook. There’s always a lot of encouraging information, as well as our contributors and other experts that are available.

One thing I would suggest is the meal planner with some recipes and shopping list. If you struggle with nutrition complete my online meal planning program, which is guaranteed to help you lose weight.

If you’re looking to lose five to twenty kilos or even more; this program will help you with your calories and your meal planning. Just simply enter in your details and we comprise the plan for you, very easy with a great success rate. We’ve also have the Clean Eating Cook Book which has about 200 recipes that are gluten free, dairy-free, and vegetarian for breakfast, lunches, dinners, snacks with various prep times as well. All clean, simple, easy recipes that don’t take long to prepare and are pretty tasty with all clean eating foods. This might be suitable for someone who just needs a few extra recipes from here and there.

Obviously, the website offers a ton of content geared to help people get healthy and lose weight.  You will find recipes, articles, videos, expert contributors, recipes and more.  There’s always new information updated, so check back frequently. The cookbook is on the left and the meal planning software on the right that you can access from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Give us some feedback on your progress or just leave a comment. Contact us if you’ve got any questions.  We’re here to help and hopefully one day we can hear your story and help spread the word a bit more about health. By the why if you have a few minutes please check out my 8 week challenge if you are looking for a transformation program that focuses on clean eating then the 8 week challenge may be perfect for you. Click the link below to visit the information page and find out more!

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