8 Easy (And All-Natural) Ways to Boost Your Energy

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There’s almost nothing worse than feeling like your energy tanks are completely empty, your body has lost all power and all you want to do is slip into bed for a week. Especially not when you have a busy career to attend to, a family to take care of and a social life to attend to.

But don’t worry- there are plenty of effective ways you can give yourself a kick up the butt and keep doing all of those things that matter. Best of all, none of them involve spending a single cent!


  1. Get into the sunshine & fresh air

These both promote your body’s production of a wide range of hormones including melatonin, which helps balance your sleep-wake cycle, and vitamin D which helps lift depression. You’ll feel lighter, more rested and really alive!


  1. Prioritize sleep

Good quality, restful sleep is essential for high energy levels. Because, as we all know, sleep isn’t just for wimps. We all need 7-8 hrs of sleep per night to feel at our best. So make an effort and get an early night!


  1. Nourish yourself

Our energy directly comes from the food we eat, so it’s no wonder we feel low on energy if we are constantly turning to high-sugar, high-fat processed junk foods. Fresh fruit, green leafy vegetables, regular vegetables, nuts and seeds and lean proteins are all wonderful ways to top up your energy tank.


  1. Breathe!

Breathing correctly is the secret to increasing the oxygen supply to your muscles and boosting your energy the easy way. Simply fill your lungs with air, right down to your belly, hold for a few seconds and slowly exhale. You’ll feel an amazing difference!


  1. Get moving

Shift that sluggish feeling by getting more active. Indulge in whichever sport or exercise you love the most (or even discover a brand new passion) and practice at least three times per week for thirty minutes at a time. It could change your life.


  1. Socialise

There’s nothing like laughter and conversation with friends to lift your mood and leave you feeling utterly energised, so nurture those existing relationships, establish brand new ones and feel yourself grow.


  1. Up your intake of water

Studies show that even a 2% drop in hydration can severely impact upon your energy levels, so it’s essential that you keep an eye on your drinking habits. Buy a refillable bottle, keep it with you and drink from it often.


  1. Laugh more!

When was the last time you laughed so much you cried? If it’s been a while, then you need to do something about it. Laughter is one of the most fun, uplifting and wonderful ways to boost your energy.


Next time your energy levels are low, don’t give up!  Take better care of yourself by eating, sleeping and exercising better, laugh more, drink more water, breathe deeply and meet with your friends. You’ll soon boost your energy and feel awesome at the same time too!

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