Are You Setting Yourself Up For Success?

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Are you setting yourself up for success?


Getting in shape can be hard, however there are certain things you can do to make the process easy and pain free.


We watch the tv shows and see the blood sweat and tears of the participants working there assess off for our entertainment. The trainers tend to yell alot and the camerma men always tend to focus in on the painfull facial expressions and of course the collapsing and falling over of participants due to shear exhaustion.


Is this real life? Of course it isnt.


Yet many clients i see in the gym on a regular basis come into the personal training realtionship with this image. And it can be a massise turn off for peole plus it can be a huge road block as they think this is the only way to succed in losing weight fast.


Work really hard = Fast results.


Not always the case. Often there are injurys that otherwise wouldnt happen if the pace of the program was slowed down. Yet this doesnt make for good tv. Im my experience slow and steady wins the race here. Ive a belief that the slower you lose it the more likely you are to keep it off long term.


If you have ever lost weight only for it come back on plus more you know exactly what im talking about. This cycle of yo yo dieting actually adds more weight to you over time and causes to kg’s to pile on and the process creeps up on you until one day you realise. Shit what happened to me.


This realistation ussual results in a freak out of some sort and panic stations. Often people start to look for a weight loss solution and becuase they are desperate, the quick fix options that are out there seem some tempting. And of course when you are feeling vunerable and desperate we might secretly wish that this is going to be the magic bullet, or miracle cure that is going to melt fat and scuplt the body of our dreams, while still eating the same shit we always have.


However it does not need to be difficult. Infact losing weight is simple. What is a challenge is getting people to accept this is the case. It does have its challenges yet i feel most of the challenges people have when it comes to weight loss come from not following the tried and true basics that work over and over again.


When people dont want to eat right and want to lose weight it becomes a challenge. I believe working smarter is better then working hard.


Maximise your results in the least amount of time, using proven methods to melt fat build lean muscle not only that sculpt and tone the problem areas of your body.


Being selective about what you do and having an expert guide you through the process of figuring out what is the best for you helps speed up the process. And makes your life so much easier.


I am yet to meet a client who could confidently do all these things at least not initially, but after coaching them and educating them it becomes part of there lifestyle and things just start to work. Results happen predictably they feel better about them selves.


I have never had a client after 8 weeks of training with me say to me geez I regretted that, quite the opposite the client is always happier healthier more energetic, trimer and lighter

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