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And You'll Actually Enjoy Looking Forward To Eating Them

Not Only That... Guaranteed to help you lose weight by showing exactly how many calories you're consuming especially how many grams of FAT

And even better than that... The all laid out into a simple to easy follow format you can follow forever!

Ask Your Self The Following Questions

  • Do you struggle to find ideas to make healthy meals?
  • • Do you worry about all the "Hidden Nasty's" Artificial Flavours and Preservatives?
  • • The Thought of going on another "Diet" makes you sick to your stomach?
  • • Do i want to waste my precious time searching the internet for reliable clean eating info?
  • • Do i want a Dietitian approved scientifically proven system to melt more fat in less time?
  • • Do i want meals that not only taste great but are low in fat and sure to be a hit with the family?
  • • Do i want to be empowered to know once and for all EXACTLY what i'm putting into my body?
  • • I wish i had an easy to follow simple way of getting this stubborn weight off for good!
  • • I want more more time for me, rather than spending it on planning and stressing over planning my meals

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then you owe to yourself to invest in "The Last Clean Eating Cook Book You'll Ever Need"

Do You Even Know What Your Eating?

Ok so you're probably thinking... "Do I Even Know What Additives and Hidden Nasty's Are In My Food?".

And if your like most people there is no way to know unless you have a proven Scientific Approach and approved by leading health experts...

let me explain...

You see... the problem most people face when it comes to clean eating is figuring out what your foods actually contain and how they can potentially harm you or your family....

You Could be at risk and not even know it...

Thats why its so important to get the right info straight away... It will save pain and heartache down the road and hours of frustration at your Body!

When You Get Clean Eating Right This Is What Can Happen

Pretty Amazing Right? and these are real people just like you!

Could you imagine eating normal tasty food with out the stress of know whether or not you are Actually causing your body to store my fat than you burn resulting in that stubborn - hard to shift belly fat you truly desire to be removed from you're body!

Discover The Scientifically Proven Method To MELT More Fat Below

If you're like most people the though of counting calories is the last thing you want to do in you're spare time..

Wouldn't you much rather enjoy eating delicious, low fat easy to prepare recipes with all the brain numbing calorie counting already done for you?

Hmm isn't that Interesting... Wouldn't you agree?

Whether you like it or not...

Calories in vs calories out is the best most predictable way to lose weight forever!

Combine this with clean eating and you are setting your self up for true weight loss success

The Biggest Problem With Traditional "Diets"

You know as well as I do anytime you buy a cook book you're probably more interested in the pretty pictures than the actual meals themselves...

and the same goes for the latest fad diets... That promise ridiculous amounts of weight loss in short time

"Lose 5 kg in 5 Days" .... "Then put it all back on once you start eating the old way again we don't care"

Im sure you have experienced this before... and i'm here to tell you its not your fault!.... But it is you're RIGHT! To do something about it

And that's why this Recipe book is different

You will eat real food... With the Exact calories and diet information YOU NEED TO KNOW to be empowered to make the right choices

The Biggest Problem With Traditional Cook Books

Besides the pretty pictures most cook books are not practical for everyday people who just need a clean simple recipe...

That doesn't require 40 different ingredients, 5 hours to prepare and 100 dishes to wash up afterwards...

Then another hour on the actual cooking, only to serve up the fruits of you labour to a husband and children that would rather take a quick trip through the drive-thru,

Who the heck wants to spend all night cooking something that you might end up feeding to the dog because the hubby and the kids don't know how to appreciate your efforts...

But before you go and burn the house down it doesn't have to be this way anymore.... your kitchen savior is here!

Introducing The Clean Eating Meal Plan Cook Book The Last Recipe Book You Will Ever Need

This is a simple easy to follow cook book series that will not only save you time in the kitchen and space on your book shelf.

You don't need mountains of random ingredients, or mountains of washing up leftover to create simple, dead easy to follow recipes, that will satisfy the family at the same time as keeping everyone healthy without them even realising it!

So how does this work? Let me explain...

Each meal is structured so you know

  • • The exact ingredients you need (no more random one use ingredients)
  • • The exact preparation time so you know how long a meal will take to make (perfect for busy people)
  • • The exact amount of FAT and CALORIES per serve so you can be entirely certain of the number you are consuming (no calculator needed)
  • • your choice of gluten free and vegetarian meal recipes

Study The Picture Below Closely To See EXACTLY How This Is Going To Help You Melt Fat and Get Empowered Results Today!

Why is all this all important, well unlike other recipe books we want to focus on recipes you can actually use, with minimum preparation, that taste great and are clean and healthy.

Here Are Some Of The Recipes You'll Find Inside...

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Clean Eating Cook Book Volume #1

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The Clean Eating Cook Book Volume #2

Valued @ $27

The Clean Eating Cook Book Volume #3

Valued @ $27

Special Bonus # 1 The Clean Eating Cook Book Volume Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Valued @ $17

Special Bonus # 2 The Clean Eating Cook Book Vegetarian

Valued @ $17

Over 160 Pages of Clean Eating Recipes Spread Over 5 Volumes

Check Out Other Peoples Results...

Hey Chris really enjoying this, I started last week and weighed in today 1 week later and I've lost 8 kgs. This clean eating thing is really working for me thanks for the recipes!

- Tracey

I really like his no non sense easy to understand approach. Also have started his free 7 day and going to order more of his products in the near future. His recipe books look amazing. Been trying to find a good clean eating site for I ave found it!

- Tammy L

Thank you for all your valuable info I have been doing the back to basics 7 day meal plan for a week and a half loving it, my clothes were getting tight now they are getting loose hooray! I am very motivated just needed that little nudge, looking forward to hearing more wonderful stuff thank you once again.

- Tania

Today is exactly 1 month of clean eating following Chris Bridger's 7 day free plan. I feel amazing and have had amazing results - 8.2kgs lost, 9% reduction in body fat, loss of 5cm from chest, 2cm from stomach, 4cm from Hips and 4cm from Butt! Thank you Chris, you have helped changed my life for the better and I am now well on my way to my goal weight with 33.5kgs to go. I have done many diets in my life and this feels so different, this is a Lifestyle change not a Diet and I am really enjoying the food and how I feel, the best part is how simple it is to do around working, being a wife and a busy Mum to a 3 year old and 4 mth old! Looking forward to my results for the next month"

- Krystle

I think you are doing a great thing. This is a very good eating plan. I lost weight (23kg) before with Weight Watchers (before they were bought by Nestle and have gone completely away from clean healthy eating).   I kept the weight off for ten years, until difficult circumstances and emotional stress started a comfort eating habit. Now I am back to clean eating (not Weight Watchers but a strict detox eating plan), and feel so much better for it.  I have lost the weight, but still have to fight the voice in my head that tells me to just indulge myself and eat whatever I want. Thank you for providing this great eating plan to people for free. You are a good man and this is a great mission.

- Andrea

"I am on it, just finished my first week of the 8 week challenge and lost 3 kgs. I cant stick to a diet but this one is different and amazing . I am looking forward to being my ideal weight in a few months, love it.

 I am doing the clean eating plan and it is the best I have ever done. I have just started their 8 week challenge, the food is amazing as you get to pick your own menu. It absolutely  is worth a look into. It does cost but it is very reasonable and very worth it. They are vey helpful when needed. Do yourself a favour and be the new you next summer..PS.. I dont have shares in the company, I am just a happy customer."

- Frances W

After my third reconstructive knee surgery, Ross River Fever and then being diagnosed and treated for Arthritis, finally waking up without pain was a dream come true. I could now, after almost four years, get some control back into my life and start getting my fitness and health back on track. It was at this time that I met Chris and we discussed the reasons why I wanted to join  and what goals I wanted to achieve.  I joined that day and started to get my life back.  After the first month I was struggling to move any weight and I knew I needed some help to get the results that I wanted. Once my mind was set on personal training I had no hesitation in asking Chris to be my trainer.  What a blessing that has been!  We started training that week and things have not looked back. I started my weight loss journey at 124 kilos and I am currently 84 kilos. With Chris's help and guidance (and a lot of sweat and hard work from me) I have managed to lose 40 kilos in 38 weeks and have dropped from a size 22 down to a size 14.  I have never been a size 14 in my life and never imagined I could get results like this in such a short amount of time.  His knowledge about weight loss and how to get results has been an essential part of my weight loss success.  He is always encouraging me to keep going, especially on the weeks where I have been dissappointed in only losing one or two hundred grams.  His support, guidance and the belief in me, and that I can reach my goals, keeps me pushing myself every day.  For that I give him a big THANKYOU!

- Mell

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Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why You

Should Own These Recipes

  • 1

    Melt Fat Faster

    It's no secret fat is unsightly uncomfortable and makes us feel less confident and attractive. In order to burn fat you must be consuming the right foods! With these recipes you will be following the exact calorie intakes to ensure you are always fat burning recipes

  • 2

    Save Time

    Lets face it your busy. We are all busy. We need quick and easy recipes that we don't have to search the internet high and low for. If you want to save time knowing you are eating the right food then the clean recipes cook books will be a massive time saver for you.

  • 3

    Say Good By To Bland Boring Food

    Eating healthy does not need to be boring. In fact you will be shocked at how easy it is to lose weight while eating clean using these recipes your friends will be jealous and beg to know your secret to seemingly being able to eat all this great food and still lose weight.

  • 4

    Save Money

    When you eat clean you will save money by not eating takeaways every night. You'll start to feel better and have more energy and be happier too. All because you are choosing to love and nourish your body with good, clean wholesome food that doesn't cost a fortune.

  • 5

    Your Clothes Won't Be So Tight

    If you are carrying extra weight. The only reason is you are not in control of your diet. That can change if you buy these cook books and start using them right away. Seriously you will be amazed at how fast your waist shrinks and your clothes will be losseon you than they have been for years.

Chris Bridger Personal Trainer, Weight loss Coach And Founder Of

P.S  I have some of my most successful weight loss clients reviewing using these exact recipes and they have all told me they feel like it is worth more than i am currently asking, I’ve already discounted the price during the product launch phase but who know’s maybe i’ll have to charge more down the track as if it gets to popular but we’ll see, so if i were you i would get in while its at this bargain price. I would Grab it Now!.

P.P.S Remember the money back guarantee 100% risk free so there is nothing for you to lose, just the weight, no questions asked just a simple quick refund.  so make the choice now and start eating your to a clean and lean body today.

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Why Isn’t This More Expensive?

We want to make it easy for people to lose weight and because so many people have been burned before by other programs we want to make this a special offer. Also because these are eBooks there is no shipping costs

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These are only available in eBook format, this saves time and money on shipping which is a saving we can pass on to you. If they were hard copy books they cost would be $108 and unable to provide this massive 75% discount

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What Are The Qualifications Of The Nutritionists That Write The Recipes?

We  employ a team of highly trained nutrition experts from around Australia to create recipes inline with health guidelines to ensure accurate weight loss for everyone

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Scroll back up and watch the tour video that walks through all the steps of the program including set up, how the meal plan works there’s a lot to see if your unsure make sure to watch the whole thing. The video is long but it does go through everything in detail.

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