Have You Heard Of Maca Root?

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The Maca Root is considered to be a “super food”. Very much like broccoli and cabbage in nutrients, it is a part of the cruciferous family and resembles radishes or turnips and is an adaptogen. The root in powder form is found to be quite tasty like malty or toasted oats or some say it taste like a potato. The root is where all the nutrients are derived from. The history of benefits spans over thousands of years, particularly in the Andes Mountain community area. History has also shown that before a battle warriors would consume the root to increase their fighting abilities and stamina for optimal performance.

The supplement is a great natural option to cognitive-enhancement drugs to support brain function. The fatty acids in the root are what help to stabilize the analytical skills of cognitive function and rational thinking without the side effects of prescription drugs.

The Maca Root has become a very popular supplement by itself and enhance optimal benefits in creative recipes. When added to smoothies, puddings, soups, juices, or natural sweets give your snack treat a little nutritional boost. When treated as any other supplement when taken with care can provide a multitude of health benefits. In Peru the Maca is a diet staple for all including children, infants, pregnant and lactating women. The root is highly recommended for the elderly.

The Top Benefits of Maca

The Maca Root is considered to be a great health booster in so many ways. With all the natural vitamins and minerals is what puts the Maca Root at the top of the list for getting the greatest amount of health benefits in the simplest form. As you see the additional benefits below, the root is found to be very effective as an Aphrodisiac. There also have been results to show increased hair growth. This is mainly due to the nutrients that balance out the hormones and mood.

  • Fertility – for both men and women. Combined with the balancing of hormones, the root will provide improved sexual functions.
  • PMS – by leveling out the estrogen levels will help to regulate the menstrual cycles.
  • Memory – there is increased focus and concentration as well.
  • Energy – by regulating the hypothamlus helps the functioning of the pituitary gland, thereby giving the body more energy.
  • Antioxidant Booster – with increased levels of glutathione and SOD will help the body in fighting illness and disease.
  • Cholesterol – balancing out the cholesterol in the body will keep the proper amount the body requires at a healthy level.
  • Skin – the Maca root has been found to improve skin health and avoid problems like acne.
  • Depression – a daily dose of the root powder can relieve mild depression naturally.
  • Menopause – the active nutrients in the root can lessen the hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.
  • Mood – alleviates mood swings and helps to even out the balance of natural nutrients for a more positive outlook.
  • Bones – maintain bone density with age and protects against osteoporosis. Also, will help build stronger teeth.
  • Chronic Fatigue – by elevating certain levels in the body will create more energy, which in turn fights against fatigue.

For overall better health the Maca Root supersedes other health supplements. By restoring the red blood cells can help people with anemia and cardiovascular diseases. When used in correlation with a workout routine you will notice the root can also increase your muscle mass. By feeling better and combined with an exercise routine will help to reduce weight. With the hormone effects in females the root supports curves in the breast and buttock areas. This is when the supplement is taken along with a proper workout routine. The Black Maca and gluten aimed exercises will put more focus on those areas.

Besides all the health benefits stated above, you will find that the Maca Root is great for athletes, working out, low energy, or any type of hormone or sexual imbalance. People with many types of blood disorders will get great benefits from the Maca Root.

With the combination of all the benefits that Maca Root supplies will definitely help to alleviate our daily stress. With the leveling out on mood and hormones, the body is not stressing itself out to maintain a daily routine. Thereby eliminating the stress level in our body as well as the mind.

All the Nutritional Information

You will find the powder of the Maca root to contain about 18% of protein, 8.5% of fiber, 76.5% carbohydrates, and 5% fat. The root combines a powerful source of nutrients of over 20 amino acids, which includes the most essential 8 that our bodies require. There is over 20 free-form fatty acids that include lauric, palmitic acid, linolenic, oleic, and steric acid – just to name a few. These natural nutrients are best when the source is a natural and healthy supplement as the Maca Root.

The other nutritional value that we find in the Maca Root is the various vitamins of B-1, B-2, C, and E. Some of the well needed minerals our bodies require that can be gotten from the Maca is calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, Sulphur, sodium, and iron. The calcium level is even higher than what we get from the milk.

Also, being a rich source of phytonutrients helps us to prevent disease and keep us healthier. This is a natural chemical in the Maca plant to protect the plant from germs, fungi, and bugs.

The most efficient and easiest way to get your dose of the root is in powder form. The root is available in loose powder or in capsules for easier consumption. Maca can be cooked, mashed, ground, and dried for easier applications in cooking. There are no strict consumption guidelines, but it is recommended to start with one tablespoon daily. To keep up energy levels the dose can increase to a few teaspoon spread out through the day. A nice healthy addition to your coffee or tea – the Maca Root.

Maca root is one of the 3 power house super food ingredients used in our weight loss support formula visit our online store to find out more about this nutrition packed super food blend.

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  • Kim Rawks

    Reply Reply April 5, 2016

    It sounds very beneficial. I’m especially interested in the memory benefits. My job is project-based, challenging, and I struggle to remember steps in the process. I think I’ll try this out.

  • Jennifer D.

    Reply Reply April 6, 2016

    It’s amazing what this helps with. Loss of energy and fatigue are two things I battle with. I’m putting this on my weekend shopping list.

  • Mary

    Reply Reply April 11, 2016

    Wow, I see why they call this a super food, it has so many benefits. Acne, memory, mood, depression…my gosh everyone needs to eat this. I wish I knew about maca root a lot sooner. Crazy how all these healthy foods are not know by people. This stuff should be taught to us at an early age.

  • Veronica

    Reply Reply May 26, 2016

    I have never heard of maca root before I read your article. Thank you for writing this up.

  • Elisha

    Reply Reply May 26, 2016

    I am probably one of many who had never heard of the maca root prior to reading this article. I am very particular about the types of foods that come into my house; GMOs are not allowed, we buy as much organic produce as possible, and try not to buy processed if we don’t have to. If maca root were more easily available in my area, I would certainly add it to my regular diet. It sounds like a superfood, considering all of the health benefits that are available, and it’s a shame that I can’t go down to the farmer’s market or grocery store in my area and pick some up.

  • katherine tilson

    Reply Reply May 26, 2016

    Although I have never heard of the Maca Root I would willingly ad it to my shopping cart after reading this article. As someone who lives with anemia and depression I would love to try this in my diet. Next time I go shopping I will be sure to try this.

  • Genevieve

    Reply Reply May 26, 2016

    This is just super! I’ve never had maca root before, well I haven’t heard of it really until now. Energy booster, improves brain function, boosts anti-oxidant capability, etc. It has everything! I’m not really the health buff type, but I wanna give this maca root a try.

  • Leslie J.

    Reply Reply May 26, 2016

    I am impressed…just wow! I’m almost always tired every time i get home from the office (who isn’t???) so I’m thinkin of adding this to my early evening smoothie to perk me up. Plus it helps control PMS, mood swings, improve memory…come on ladies, what are you waiting for?

  • Toni Fontello

    Reply Reply May 26, 2016

    I never heard of this root before but it makes me want to check out my local natural food store for it. Lots of benefits that may be worth a try–plus no yucky aftertaste it sounds like!

  • Jhei

    Reply Reply May 27, 2016

    When I read the title, I initially thought that it is some sort of a fusion food. Gonna be looking into it more though because the benefits seem to be rather impressive. I thank the writer for introducing this to me!

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