How Bad Do You Want It… Really?

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So it’s the new year and many 1000’s of people are out there trying to make there dreams of a fit lean body a reality.

But how many people out there actually really want it. How many people out there really want to invest the time energy and money into getting the result.

The honest truth is. Not many. And here’s why…

It’s a trend I see all the time and something worth talking about today because it really is a problem for those who say they want to lose weight for example. Yet aren’t willing to invest the time energy and money into their own personal development. So they can successfully.

And what’s worse is these same people whinge and complain about their own lack of results and blame other people for their own shortcomings.

If this is you then you need to change your approach to things because you will never get the results and will keep repeating the same patterns of failure.

On the flipside those that really want a result actually do the work. There are no short cuts. As much as much as you might hope and pray for a medical miracle or magic Bullet it doesn’t exist.

So why is some people seem to get result where others struggle. Simply put one person is lazy the other is motivated.

The person who gets results takes responsibility they don’t look to blame someone else when they fail.

The person who succeeds invests time in learning, they invest money in a trainer or a coach they invest energy and don’t have the poor attitude of the majority of people.

Successful people ask better questions of themselves and seek to learn, they have the attitude of ownership. Taking 100% responsibility for their results.

The unsuccessful person has a victim mentality. They tend to always look for a way to be defeated. Because if they try and don’t succeed it’s easier for them emotionally to lay blame else where be used they never take responsibility for their own results or their own actions. In other words they always give themselves a way out.

The person who wishes is lazy.  Action is required for a result. It’s an ingrained human behaviour to procrastinate but it’s your responsibility to fix it.

If you really want results then you need to wake to these facts. Especially if you fall into the category’s I have just described here.

For some people the reality is they will never change they will move from solution to solution diet to diet just looking for that one thing that going to do it for them. These kinds of people are lost causes. Harsh I know. But until they realise it is themselves that are to blame, it is themselves that needs to take responsibility.

Nobody is going to do it for you. It’s that simple.

It’s a shame really because this type of person. Dominates the weight loss world. And that is why the weight loss industry is so massive. The quick fix approach is always so tempting yet almost always ends up with no or very little lasting change.

I know this because of my experience meeting and talking to literally 1000’s of people looking to make changes to their lives lose weight and get fit etc.

So what can you do if you fit into any of these categories?

First thing is to have an honest conversation with yourself. Are you always the victim and do you move from diet solution to diet solution but nothing ever seems to work for you?

What is the common thread here.

It’s you.

If seem to always be failing its is because there is an unaddressed mindset problem or a deep seated belief that cause you to self sabotage and subconsciously cause you to fail. The first step in getting past this is recognising this might be the case for you and from there taking the mindset of responsibility.

I’ve never meet a client who did no work and got results. so don’t get upset wishing for the results you want without doing any work it’s not possible and it sets yourself up for suffering which is unhealthy and unmotivating.

Get help.

Seek out a coach or a personal trainer, somebody who can guide and motivate you to do the right exercises and be healthy. If you struggle on your own, bite the bullet and put your hand up for help. There will be cost involved such as time and money to get a result. However think about the cost of not doing it and not getting the results you desire.

It could be your health that suffers, relationships your well being is at risk. yet it doesn’t need to be this way as access to places like gyms and people and resource that can help you are everywhere. even going for a walk is free. its just comes down to taking responsibility for your own results

Accept yourself.

Part of moving forward is accepting yourself for who you are and where you right now. whether or not you like where you are. it Doesn’t matter. it’s ok to be where you are at. I have this idea i created call the happiness trap and it basically means that people tend not to be happy… unless they are a certain way.

Let me explain if somebody feel like if they are 10kgs lighter they would be happy. I think this is a trap. because what we are really saying here is “i am not happy and i can’t be happy until then” which kind of sucks. Imagine if you never lost that 10kgs. you would be unhappy forever.

Or even worse imagine if you lost the 10kgs and were STILL unhappy. This what i call the happiness trap. What i suggest we do instead is try being happy now. Sometimes hard to do but if we tell ourselves we are unhappy that’s the reality we will create for ourselves.

Practicing and attitude of gratitude is a great way to change the conversation in our mind to be more positive. a simple exercise we can do is just take a few minutes each day and tell ourselves a few things we are grateful for. You’ll be amazed at how positive your thoughts can be and the positive effect it has on your physiology and mindset.

Let go.

Take the pressure off and practice letting go. Things may have happened in your life that have led you to the point of being unhappy with your health and fitness. holding on to these things can limit your progress in the future. depending on the nature of what happened you might need to reach out to somebody that can help work through.

Mental health is more important now than ever before and it’s an area that usually requires the most effort, to help change mindsets and beliefs. for most people just being aware of some of the challenge most people go through is enough to start the process of changing the way we think.

In summing up getting any result or success in life takes work, quick fixes may work for a short time but almost always end up with the weight coming back on plus a bit more. The yo yo diet cycle is hard to break but with the right mindset and help available to you the whole process becomes much easier.

Ask yourself how bad do you want it? And what are you going to do about it?

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