How We Gain Weight And Store Fat

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When it comes to weight loss cardio is an important part of any weight loss exercise plan. How ever it isn’t the only exercise you should be doing to get maximum results in the fastest possible time.

To lose fat, not just weight we need to think about how fat loss actually works within our bodies.

Fat is nothing more than stored energy. The excess food we eat is converted into fat and stored in our bodies so we can have energy reserves for time when there might not be food available.

Some of us are walking around with more reserves than others.

In our modern times food is never far away. So it easy for us to over consume and therefore store excess fat.

So if you are fat it is basically because you eat too much, and don’t burn it off.

Sorry to be blunt but it is a fact of science. No matter how you look at it what you put into your body is effecting your weight.

So how do we gain weight? Here are some of the main factors.

 How We Gain Weight

Basically eating more calories than we burn will be the major cause of gaining weight. However, there are many other factors to consider when gaining unwanted weight. With the combination of high sugars and high fat content can alter our brain chemistry that can disrupt the natural way we self-regulate our calorie intake.  There are many variables that enhance or disrupt our body to gain weight.

Some changes may be minor that are needed and some may require more drastic lifestyle changes. Having more knowledge of the foods, calories, and other attributes that can cause weight gain will help you target the source and rectify the issue.

Gaining weight can be just a temporary situation, however if not corrected gaining excessive weight can become a health risk in the future. Identifying weight gaining issues early will make any adjustments much easier to deal with and give you a more successful outcome.

Top Foods That Definitely Cause Weight Gain

  • Deep Fried anything – avoid all fried foods whenever possible, but fried bacon leads the list of worst offending fried foods that will cause excessive weight gain.
  • White Flour Products – are pure refined carbohydrates that boost your sugar levels and have little value nutritionally for your body. Such products such as white bread, rolls, and buns are the leading white flour products that contribute to extra weight gain.
  • Whole Milk – yes, whole milk which is a source of much needed protein and calcium. Whole milk is a high calorie liquid that does nothing to satisfy our hunger needs. For protein and calcium it is recommended to drink nonfat, 1%, or 2% milk.
  • Sauces – as in soy or tomato sauces. Most sauces and condiments are empty extra calories with added sugars. Soy sauce is also very high in salt content.
  • Salad Dressings – regular dressings are loaded with high calorie and high fat content and will cause weight gain instead of weight loss even when combined with a healthy salad. The better choice is the low fat, low calorie salad dressings or vinegar and olive oil.
  • Margarine – is just excessive calories loaded with Trans fats and is a horrible choice for health and losing weight.
  • Beer – of all the alcohol drinks on the market, beer tops the list for being high in calories and fat. The best choice is the more moderate light beers available.
  • Chocolate Covered Donuts – donuts are fried to begin with and with the addition of chocolate will make this one of the worst combinations for excessive weight gain.
  • Potato Chips – these potatoes are just fried starch when made into a chip snack and will have you gaining pounds. A better choice would be the baked potato chip.
  • Soda – having no nutritional value at all, the sodas are filled with sugars and caffeine which triggers a rush of insulin released into the body. Even the diet and other options still have no nutritional value and will contribute weight gain.

Simple Weight Gaining Concepts

Over eating, eating the wrong foods, and not exercising is usually the main culprits for excessive weight gain.

Also, having certain surgeries have been shown to change your body’s metabolism and may cause excessive weight gain.

Studies have shown that living in a constant comfortable climate keeps the body from working naturally to keep the body warm or cool and can cause obesity or excessive weight gain.

When you’re not getting enough rest and sleep can spur your hunger and increase your tiredness. These can trigger a decrease in physical activity, which can lead to excessive weight gain.

Children that have had their tonsils removed seem to gain more weight than children that did not have this procedure. This could possibly be due to being healthier and not suffering from tonsillitis, which might increase the child’s appetite.

Eating your meals late at night prior to going to bed does not allow the body to be active enough to neutralize the food properly, which can cause more weight gain.

Excessive weight gain can be associated with inherited genes. Realizing this factor can help to keep and focus on weight gain and take steps to get it under control.

There are studies done that conclude that having a dim light at night can cause weight gain.

Chemical contaminants, like pesticides can have a bearing on gaining weight due to the interference with our hormonal signaling that naturally occurs in our body. Whenever possible buy organic foods to avoid any pesticides that are used on fruits and vegetables.

Your medications can be another cause of weight gain. Some medications like Hypertension drugs have been proven to cause weight gain.

Stress is another avenue for excessive weight gain.  When we are stressed our bodies will produce cortisol causing insulin levels to rise. When this occurs the body starts to store the fat instead of burning the fat, thereby increasing our weight.

Some meats can pass on the hormones that the animal was given to fatten them up. Thereby, increasing our fat and weight gain.

Excessive weight gain can also be a result of an allergy to a certain food. Allergic reactions to foods can cause inflammation that can lead to swelling and fluid retention which will cause excessive weight gain.


Besides less calorie intake and more exercise, you need to zero in on what could be causing your extra weight gain. Whether there have been recent changes in your life or just extra stress that has occurred. Go through the steps to identify the cause or eliminate some possible causes of weight gain.  Only you can rectify these conditions and correct them and get control over your weight gaining issue.

Eating too many calories.

 The number one reason is taking in more calories then you burn everyday. If you burn on average 1600 calories per day. But you consume 2000 calories per day its fair to say over time you will experience weight gain.

 Now calories in vs calories out is not the be all and end all to your weight loss. but it is a very  reliable guide to knowing exactly what your putting into your body.

 Not enough muscle or lean mass

 Lean mass or muscle mass is the parts of your body that aren’t fat. Building up your muscle mass by doing resistance training will often burn more fat from your body for two reason.

 Muscle increases your metabolic rate. Meaning your metabolism is faster and you will burn calories much faster than normal.

 Once you start to focus on building lean mass you will also being to burn more calories even while you sleep. Because extra muscle uses more calories you can make everything else you do more effective in fat burning.

 Controlling excessive weight gain is a balancing act in regards to your body. Balancing how your body absorbs calories and what you need to do to burn calories daily. Next, look at balancing a proper diet with a simple exercise plan. To avoid excessive weight gain it is important to always keep in balance with the right foods and exercise for a healthy mind and body.

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