Mindset And Motivation

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Mindset and Motivation

These critical steps are an important part of the process. We will spend quite a bit of time on these steps as this is what usually holds people back and can become a roadblock.


So far, we’ve looked at goals, we’ve looked at diet and now Mindset. Mindset and Motivation go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other and be successful, because your goals affect your motivation.

Your mindset affects your motivation and your motivation affects your mindset.  You can be motivated, but without a goal in mind then you have no direction for action. You can have an excellent mindset, and ordinary goals, but without motivation you won’t go anywhere.

It is important with particularly weight loss and getting fit and healthy you can’t be vague about what it is you want. You must be willing to put the effort out to achieve what you’re wanting. You just can’t say, “I’m not motivated”.

But there is a system to build your motivation.


Most people feel like they need TO BE motivated. If you need to be motivated by some sort of outside influence then you may find it hard to stick to a weight loss plan long term.

Your success is determined by an outside factor out of your control.

What we want to teach our selves is to have internal motivation. Motivation that is coming from inside of you not an outside influence.

You can see this type of actions on shows as “The Big Loser” and hear yelling screaming, and carrying on.

Is that motivating, is it motivation? No, it’s not motivating at all; it’s just holding you accountable for something that you don’t want to do to begin with. Ask your self do they look like they are having fun being screamed at.

So, let’s flip that around and create motivation that actually drives you closer to your goal. Now if you look at motivation like a table top and you have the legs, if they are not in the proper place they will not hold the table up. You want to look at what will hold your motivation up.

To have motivation you’ve got to want something like your goal here. Everyone should have goals of things they want to obtain and that’s why we took the time upfront to really identify the ‘why’, the why of what you want.

These are different for everyone and they are critical because all these things layering on top all point to your goal with a bit of Mindset and Motivation.

Mindset and Motivation really form the basis of how you get results. This is the direction you want to move towards. Sometimes you’re Mindset and Motivation can be weak, shaky, and not very clear.

Compare this to trying to build a house, how stable and how successful do you think you will be without the proper preparation?

The desire to avoid pain and gain pleasure is the number one principle of motivation.

Pleasure along with fear and pain is generally what motivates people. These types of motivation have to do with essentially values and beliefs. All you’ve got to do is to recognize that fear and pleasure can move you towards your goal. The question is which one is the one that resonates with you?  Is it fear of repercussions or pleasure of something?

Identify which one is the strongest motivator for you. Try thinking back to various examples in your life where you’ve achieved a goal and how you were motivated.

Where you motivated by the pain of not achieving that goal, or were you motivated by all the feelings of pleasure you would feel by getting the result.

Once you have answered this, you can actually motivate yourself by absolutely taking action and doing it and using what motivates you. Even if, it’s only at a basic level that’s still good enough.

You must be able to identify this and make it clear in your mind. You don’t want to be in the middle with procrastination or into a state of boredom. You need reinforcement to move in your direction of obtaining your goal.

There have been plenty of times where you’ve been fearful and took action like going to the dentist to get a filling or a tooth pulled out. On the other hand I bet there have been plenty of times when you were seeking pleasure because the outcome was pleasurable with no pain on the way to that goal.

What we really find is that ‘fear’ is the one that really drives for a lot of people. Particularly, when it comes to losing weight, mainly because they’re fearful of dying, having cancer, or being fat, embarrassed, all these things, and eventually what happens is the fear gets so big that you come to the conclusion that you’re not going to live this way anymore.

You may be putting off taking action only to have it back fire on you leaving you eventually having to take action.

Generally most people keep repeating the same path without realizing they are in a negative loop by trying to succeed and fail, trying to succeed and fail and get more fearful. Sometimes this loop can cause anxiety and a downward spiral of not feeling great about yourself and what you’re trying to achieve. So, how do you break this cycle, how do you stop it?

Recognise The Pattern

One thing you need to do is recognise what’s happening. Like a balance of a seesaw, you want to essentially use this fear/pain to get moving, but also you want to make sure they’re equal.

We want to balance it slightly towards the side that motivates us the most.

It may be difficult at first to think of examples of pleasure in your life or things you want to move towards, because generally you’ve been weighted with fear/pain for so long that has hindered any action on your part.

You don’t feel as confident and then you generally don’t have the energy and the drive or motivation to get to your goal and the cycle repeats it’s self. Feel about self. Take no action. Feel even worse about self.

When you’re moving towards pleasure your thinking of all the things you will gain by taking that action. Taking a step at a time will help you change your mindset and slowly you can balance out your fear/pain and pleasure to work with you.

Don’t let things get out of control and snowball to one side. You want to set it up now so you can easily win. How can you get some quick wins to make you feel good and start to build that decision making muscle.

You’re setting your program up so you can have little wins that will build up your positive belief. You will find yourself thinking, I’ve already done that, what’s the next thing? You’re building your resilience, your confidence, and your motivation to keep going.

When you start to get towards your goal be sure not to go back, keep moving forward. Take your emotions out of the picture and just think logically. Going back a few steps makes moving forward more difficult. Keep your eye on what is really driving you. 

Negative/Positive Balance

Is it more the negative or is it more the positive? Try and keep them equal, because a good balance between the two is going to give you good consistent results.

If you realize that fear is a motivating factor you can use that, but on the flip side you need to be sure to remain positive.

Keep the balance, if you’ve ever seen people that are chronically upset, down, or just not very happy people chances are they’re on the negative side at that time.

Look for those quick wins, build it up slowly, and just start little by little. Remember you’re building yourself consciously.

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  • Lily

    Reply Reply December 2, 2015

    This article is very enlightening. I knew that your mindset and motivation are very important and essential factors to stay focus and achieve your goals, but it has always been really abstract concepts to me. So thank you for giving such good concrete advice to get in the mindset, stay motivated and on track throughout your whole journey to reaching your goals. These are really great advice I will start applying right now.

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply December 5, 2015

      I Feel its often talked about but there is never really and substance to actually applying it to your individual circumstances. Its a fairly deep topic and we cover it a lot more inside our members only community. Its really inspiring to hear the member story’s and how we all help each other out on the journey.

  • StacyK

    Reply Reply December 10, 2015

    This cycle is so frustrating and so hard to get out of! Luckily, I do agree that if we start a new healthier cycle, it can be easy to continue down this path of positivity. At the moment, I have too many negative motivating factors. I am working hard to get into a cycle of positive motivation.

  • Kim

    Reply Reply December 14, 2015

    Mindset defense nicely effects motivation but I never thought of balancing the positive and the negative. I always think I am suppose to only focus on the positive and let go of all the negatives. Mostly that applies to negative thinking which is different I think. It reminds me of the Chinese concept of yin yang. You can’t have one without the other.

  • Cristina

    Reply Reply December 18, 2015

    Your mindset is half the battle – if not more – when it comes to losing weight. If you lack discipline and motivation, you won’t get anywhere. Great tips!

  • Emily

    Reply Reply December 26, 2015

    I’ve always felt motivation to do something as hard as lose weight has to be triggered by something a little negative. Maybe your favorite dress doesn’t fit anymore or you significant other makes passing comment about your weight that stings a little more than intended. Regardless, you can turn those feelings into motivation for positive change.

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