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Are You Harnessing The Power Of Ancient Super Foods In Your Meal Plan?

Could It Be True? Chocolate Actually Could Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease And Play An Essential Role In Melting Body Fat

New Study From Harvard Reveals Break Through Research Into Ancient Super Food Referred To For Century's As "The Food Of The Gods"

You've been told chocolate was bad for you... But luckily, nobody told Montezuma.

He was the ancient ruler of the Aztecs and has been known to only drink what he called "The Food Of The Goods"

"The divine drink, which builds up resistance and fights fatigue.
A cup of this precious drink
 permits a man
to walk for a whole day without food."

Montezuma II

But what does any of this have to do with you?

I'm glad you asked...

Chocolate has been something you have been told is bad for you and should be eaten only in moderation.

And yes this is still true.

However there is a key difference...

If we take traditional chocolate, take away the refined sugar, take away the dairy, and take away the other junk that's added during the processing and refining process.

We are left with the raw ancient super food, once held in such high regard in ancient civilizations like the Mayans and Aztecs, for its wonderful health benefits.

And the super food were talking about here is Cacao.


Whats The Deal With Cacao Any Ways?

So what is Cacao and how can it help you?

So what are finding out about using raw, natural Cacao as a part of our diets.

Just to be clear -  Cacao is the bean from the Cacao plant which grows is subtropical regions mainly in places like Peru, south America and the Philippines just to name a few.

It is a fruit of which the seeds are harvested and used to create the basis of all chocolate products.

A lot has changed since ancient times and the processing method have also changed.

It is the core ingredient in all chocolate  products today as we know it. What is  also true,  the quality of the chocolate available varies greatly.

Rendering this super food useless in those situations.

Because if has been processed and compromised. The once drink of the goods is now a major contributor to our belly fat.

The Harvard study which you can read here goes into explain,

That the evidence around Cacao suggests that before it transforms into chocolate, has been shown it can reduce the risks of heart attack and heart disease And has shown beneficial effects to other areas of the body.

Such as healthy weight management due to reduced sugar consumption.

This doesn't mean you should run out and consume chocolate like its going out of fashion, as mentioned before chocolate and Cacao are two very different foods.

But what it does mean for you is that there is a healthy and guilt free alternative available for you to enjoy plus you get the benefits of its powerful nutrients.

Combine The Power Of Not Just One - But Three Power House Super Foods In One

And this is why I choose Cacao as the main ingredient in my weight loss support formula.

The weight loss support formula is a high protein, super food booster derived from plant based sources to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

As an alternative to other weight loss / protein shakes on the market that are loaded full, sugar junk and other chemicals.

Along with the Cacao I have selected Three other powerful and nutrient packed super foods all 3 combined to create a great tasting, high protein low fat and low sugar alternative to other unhealthy shakes in the market.

Here's a run down of the super food inside the weight loss support formula

Organic Cacao Powder – “Food of the Gods” delivers raw chocolate flavor along with an incredible nutritional profile from it’s abundance of antioxidants, magnesium, iron, omega-6 fatty acids, through to beneficial alkaloids such as Theobromine and significant quantities of tryptophan, a powerful mood enhancing nutrient.

Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein – has several advantages over other powdered protein products. Firstly it is less chalky in texture than others, so blends smoothly into drinks.  Secondly, organic brown rice protein powder is hypo-allergenic and completely dairy free, so is more easily digestible. Thirdly organic whole grain brown rice includes the bran and the endosperm layers, not only retaining the fibers but also much of the amino acid profile. Lastly, when the rice is bio-fermented with natural enzymes , it greatly increases the bio-availablity of the protein is it makes digestion and absorption so much easier.

Organic Maca Powder – powerful strength and stamina enhancer, as well adaptogen, meaning it has the ability to balance and stabilize the glandular-hormonal system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and musculature. Maca has a slightly malted flavor, with butterscotch overtones –  we think this is why it works so well with raw cacao.

All these powerhouse super food combine to bring you a great tasting nutrient packed, convenient weight loss support supplement


Introducing Super Food Blend "Weight Loss Support Formula"

With all the food on the market it isn't easy to get access to the best foods.

Sure clean Eating is simple enough, eat lots of natural food, steer clear of the junk and your doing just fine.

But what if you wanted to take your diet, health and your longevity to the next level?

Reach a new level of well-being we can't always access by just Eating clean alone.

Including these super foods in your diet suggest a large range of health benefits


  • Improved Heart Function
  • Stimulation Of the Nervous System
  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Kidney And Bowel Function
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • High Antioxidant Content
  • Mood Enhancement
  • Stabilize Energy Levels

Each different food has different level of various vitamins and minerals, antioxidants to help maintain healthy weight nourishment and all the good stuff.

This Super-food  combo is so  jam packed full of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants so much so that ancient civilisations have been harnessing there power anti aging, and disease fighting properties for 100’s of years.

So I thought to myself I ought to get my hands in some this stuff and share it with you.

So that is what I have done. I have created a new line of super foods to help you accelerate your results all by sticking to our Clean Eating rules and making sure you have access to the best super foods out there.

Not only that but take #3 of the best know super food to create a high protein weight loss formula you can simple add to shakes and smoothies to enhance and boost the nutritional content. Taking your healthy smoothies to a whole new level.


How To Get Your "Weight Loss Support Formula"

450 g Resealable Zip Lock Bag

Certified Organic

GMO Free

Dairy Free


Still Got Some Questions?

Whats The Nutritional Information?

Nutrition Panel

Net Weight – 450gm
Servings per Package – 22
Serving Size – 20gm


310 kj

1550 kj


10.3 g

51.3 g

Fat, total

0.9 g

4.7 g


0.6 g

2.8 g


5.2 g

26.0 g


1.0 g

4.8 g


2 mg

8 mg

Ingredients: Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein (50%), Organic Raw Cacao Powder (35%), Organic Raw Maca Powder (15%)

Where Are The Ingredients Grown And Processed?

50% Organic Biofermented Brown Rice Protein – sourced from China (Certification: Quality by combining the activated whole brown rice grain with unique organic enzymes

The end result is that gram for gram our Organic Sprouted Rice Protein is 80% highly digestible protein.

35% Organic Cacao Powder – our cacao is imported from Peru (Certification: Australian Certified Organic-ACO) . Freshly picked cacao beans undergo fermentation to improve flavor by removing some of the bitterness. The beans are then dried and crushed into a paste which is then pressed into a paste at low temperature. Once the oils (cacao butter) and fibre is separated it is milled into a fine powder. This gently process preserves most of the valuable raw nutrients.

15% – Australian Certified Organic Maca Powder – (sourced through Honest to Goodness)

What's The Best Way To Use The "Weight Loss Support Formula"?

How to Use

1. “After Workout Replenisher”

Protein Power’s highly digestible protein content makes it an ideal after work out meal to aid in recovery. 1 to 2 tablespoons in a smoothie.

2. Weight Management

Replacing carbohydrates with more high quality protein intake has been positively associated with improved weight management. “Protein Power” can be effectively used to make liquid meals in the form of a Protein Shake.

3. Smoothies

Add 1-2 teaspoons to your favorite smoothie recipes and  to boost the protein content. Perfect as a healthy alternative to store bought weight loss shakes.

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