The 3 Worst Fad Diets and Why They Are Bad

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New dietary regimens are formulated to make weight loss easier and faster to achieve. This is what they often claim. The idea behind fad diets revolve around taking certain types and amounts of food and making the dieters think that the diet will help them instantly lose weight.

There are few fad diets that are exceptional. However, there are also those that do not make the cut. Here are three of the worst fad diets that may provide you with short term weight loss but they also put your health in danger at some point.

The Raw Food Diet

Weight loss experts would agree that boosting your intake of fruit and vegetables while reducing your intake of junk foods is a safe as well as effective way to lose weight. However, the raw food diet bans foods that are cooked and processed.

Those who have developed this type of dietary regimen claim that raw foods actually destroy the nutrients. Even though at some level cooking food can reduce the nutrient levels, this will not totally destroy them. In fact, cooked vegetables still have plenty of vitamins, fiber and minerals. Moreover, cooking food can also enhance the nutrients while killing bacteria.

The biggest issue of this fad diet is the way food is prepared. Those who are fond of this dietary regimen spend several hours blending, juicing, sprouting, dehydrating, germinating, chopping, cutting and rehydrating fruits and vegetables.

Does this diet work?

When you adhere to this fad diet, you will most likely lose weight as the foods that you take are low in fat, sodium and calories and they are high in fiber content. In fact, a study conducted about this diet has determined that those who follow this diet have lost a significant amount of weight. Moreover, you also get additional perks with this type of diet as you will be eating foods that are high in mineral, fiber and vitamin content.

Despite these benefits, there are also a lot of disadvantages when you follow this fad diet. For instance, this diet is difficult to follow. Moreover, essential nutrients like iron, protein, calcium, Vitamin B12 among others are also inadequate. There is also a tendency that you will be ingesting bacteria and other microorganisms infesting the raw food since the food is not cooked.

Is this Fad Diet a Good One?

While the raw food diet can induce short term weight loss, as this diet is low in calories and high in fiber, this diet is nutritionally inadequate. Moreover, this is a highly restrictive plan. Moreover, there is also a great risk of food poisoning from eating undercooked or raw foods.

Alkaline Diets

The alkaline diet is also known as the alkaline acid diet and the alkaline ash diet. This type of dietary regimen requires you to cut on meat, sweets, dairy, alcohol, coffee, and processed foods. Moreover, you need to consume more fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

According to the claims of this diet, this diet will help you lose weight and avoid health conditions like cancer and arthritis. The theory behind such claim is that foods like refined sugar, meat, and processed foods can cause the body to produce acid, which is basically bad for your health. Eating specific foods that will make the body more alkaline will protect you against the abovementioned conditions and make you lose weight.

What Type of Foods You Can and Can’t Eat

Most fruits and vegetables are considered alkaline promoting foods along with some nuts, legumes and seeds as well as soybeans and tofu. Eggs, dairy, meat, most grains, and processed foods fall on the acid promoting food category and they must be avoided.

Does this Diet Work?

Basically, the pH level is measured how alkaline or acidic something is. A pH count of 0 is acidic while the pH count of 14 is totally alkaline. On the other hand, the pH level of 7 is neutral. The pH level throughout the body varies. For instance, the blood is slightly alkaline with a pH count of 7.35 to 7.45. The stomach is very acidic. In fact, the pH level of the stomach is around 3.5 and below.

The alkaline diet claims that it can help the body maintain the blood pH level. In fact, the food that you are going to be eating is not going to affect the pH of the blood. Your body, basically, will work to keep the pH level constant.

The foods you eat when you are on the alkaline diet are good and will even support a healthy weight loss, as it contains lots of fruits and vegetables and water. Moreover, you need to avoid, alcohol, sugar and processed foods. However, with regard to the other health claim of this fad diet, it has not been determined yet whether alkaline diet can prevent kidney stones, improve heart health and brain function, keep the bones strong, reduce the risk for diabetes and reduce low back pain.

The Baby Food Diet

The Baby Food Diet is an internet phenomenon started by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. This started out as a gimmick for cutting calories and controlling proportions. This involves replacing one or perhaps two meals with baby food, with each jar containing about 20 calories to 100 calories.

While this type of dietary regimen is not considered a weight loss diet, this can thought to help maintain your existing weight and figure after losing weight. The rules of this dietary regimen vary. One of the most common versions of this diet requires you to eat 14 jars of baby food during the day and a real meal at dinner.

What Foods Can You Eat?

All flavors of baby food can be taken. For instance, flavors like pureed fruits, meats and vegetables are included in the list. While babies may love this type of diet, the flavors may take some time for an adult to get used to eating. In fact, you may need to do a trial and error to determine which baby foods you can stomach.

The Drawbacks of Baby Food Diet

Replacing meals with baby food can result in nutritional imbalances and low calorie intake. Since fiber, protein and the act of chewing your food can make you feel full, you may find that your stomach will constantly grumble every after meal, depending on the type of foods that you eat as well as the amount of food that you eat.


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  • Katia Alice

    Reply Reply May 16, 2016

    I can’t imagine eating 14 jars of baby food a day, even for a magic weight loss success. Thanks for the straight facts on some of these fad diets. It’s always more important to be healthy than to be thin.

  • Lakeyia

    Reply Reply May 16, 2016

    Yeah, fad diets are not always good because they can hurt you more than help. I think that the raw food one is the worse. I would not want to eat raw hamburger meat or anything else that may make me sick. This is a great article and I hope that it opens many people’s eyes.

  • Toni Fontello

    Reply Reply May 16, 2016

    I’ve hard of the Raw Food Diet before but that seems dangerous to me. Many people eat sushi that is raw fish and can get sick from that, too. I’d be worried about salmonella poisoning with any meat, fish, poultry that’s not cooked.

  • Sara

    Reply Reply May 16, 2016

    There are many other ways to lose weight without putting ourselves in danger. Like exercise and have a healthy balance diet. I agree that not all vegetable are good to be eaten raw and surviving only on baby food? I don’t think I could ever follow through that.

  • Michelle J.

    Reply Reply May 17, 2016

    I’ve probably tried every diet out there and it’s always a hit and miss. Having said that, I think the best diet for losing weight is not too eat too much. Now there may be some people with special needs. Well they have to consult a dietitian/nutritionist for that. But for the rest of us, we just have to watch what we eat!

  • Toni Hall

    Reply Reply May 17, 2016

    Weight loss is a frustrating matter to talk about. Too much information on TV, magazines, internet, etc. But this 8 Week Clean Eating Challenge seems doable. It looks like you don’t have to crave for something that you didn’t have.

  • Hannah Cortes

    Reply Reply May 17, 2016

    I tried the raw food diet before and it was awful. I began to crave for real food so bad that I stopped dieting after just two days.

  • Isabel

    Reply Reply May 18, 2016

    I don’t think I will ever survive any of these diets. I don’t believe in them because for me, moderation is key. I don’t want to deny myself the little pleasures in life hence I eat what I want, but in small portions. Lucky for me, I don’t really like fatty things so that is one thing off the bad list.

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