The Clean Eating Plan Podcast Episode 002 – A Simple Framework For Weight Loss

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Hey, welcome back. It’s Chris here. In today’s training, I just want to walk you through my five step method for weight loss. This is the five step method, anyone can use the five. It’s very simple and the fact that it identifies the five key areas you need to focus on to get the results of weight loss. Here we go.

If you look at it as a formula, what we’re doing is we’re identifying the five areas to give us basically three results. First thing we want to do is focus on their dreams, goals, and mindset. Once we have those things, clearing our mind, and obviously tools, and strategies that we can use to work through any challenges so that that being your mindset and the goals that you set and obviously, the dreams where you ultimately would like to head and what the results you would like to achieve.

It’s more about the feeling that you would inject behind your goals and then your goals would be obviously what we’re going to do about the win component. Then, the mindset is going to be everything that goes along in the journey to help you overcome those internal conflicts, internal roadblocks, et cetera, et cetera. That’s going to give us motivation.

The reason why we do this first is we need motivation because motivation is key for us to carry at the risk of the formula. With motivation, now we add to that diet and nutrition plan. Basically, what that means is having a tile of individualized plan that works around your goals. And your lifestyle, and what you want to eat. As you know, there’s not one bite that is right for everybody.

All the different diets out there work some of the time for some other people at various different times of life, it’s just that we’ve got to pay attention to what we like, what works for us, and make it customized and individualized to say you can stick to it and still know that you’re going to get great results. You’ve also going to have the motivation to start with to get in that path with any success. When there is the inevitable challenge that pop up, you can deal with it.

Next thing we need to look at is we need to look at out lifestyle. Lifestyle modification, things like reducing stress, going to bed on time, everything in our life that could derail us or support us in achieving the results that we want. It’s more about the actual day to day running of the formula and the day to day routine that we want to do.

You might be shopping on a particular day, exercise on particular days, making time to invest in some learning or some reading or maybe doing something fun, it’s more just the running of the whole thing. Running of your life and fitting in this weight loss and lifestyle change as part of it. Obviously it’s huge. Kind of had success with that looking at this. That’s why we put lifestyle modification as the next step.

After that, we need to bring in the correct exercise program or activity plan. Depending on where you’re at. You might be capable of more exercise, you might be currently exercising, you might want not want to exercise. Is this a way to get some change we would have end to this picture me on, but there is going to be a time where you need to start looking at activities.

That could just be coming for walk, incidental exercise like taking the stairs, just little things that add up overall for your overall health and well-being. If you want to step it up a notch, you can get in to a little bit more of vitality exercise program. It’s not completely necessary to get the changes that you want. It’s just an extra added bonus. We do require some activity that does plenty of whole ways to get that without having to join a gym or do a strict exercise regime.

It’s all that flexibility in finding what’s going to work for you. What that is going to give us is an actin plan. Once we’ve got our dreams, and goals, and mindset covered to keep us motivated, and we added our diet nutrition plan, lifestyle modification, and activity program or exercise program, now we have an action plan that we can execute to go in the direction of our goal.

We’re basically working on all those four areas all the time. We’re basically working on all four of those areas at the same time to get the result. It’s a constant feedback system where we notice and that’s the next step. We take our action plan, we put it to action, and then we see what sorts of results we get.

We track progress, say we look at the results and they’re not what we expected, we might get it back to the top of the list, looking at our dreams, goals, and mindset, see if there’s anything that’s letting us down there. Is our diet nutrition plan OK? Has the lifestyle factors? Is the exercise program helping us or hindering us? Then, we can reevaluate and get each one of those areas working to support us rather than hindering us.

For some of us, we’re going to have maybe one, two, three, or four, five areas that need help with. Well, there might be one area in particular, like say the dreams, goals, and mindset area or the nutrition plan that will take the most focus. It’s a top down proposition and formula.

We’ve got to do step one before we do step two, step two before we do step three, so on and so on. These explains why people who try to add exercise to bad diet, don’t generally have lasting results. These explains why people who don’t track their progress and stay accountable, don’t have lasting results. It explains why people who don’t modify their lifestyle often don’t have lasting results. People who don’t look after their diet nutrition plan, same thing, [inaudible 07:18] have lasting results. Of course, starting from the top, if you don’t have your mindset in check, then nothing below is going to function and work correctly for long term results.

How that make sense? Just to recap, dreams, goals, and mindset equals motivation. Motivation times diet nutrition plan plus lifestyle modification plus exercise program equals your action plan, and then multiply that by your tracking progress and keeping yourself accountable is going to equal to results you get.

Imagine if you do each one of those steps average, you’re going to get average results. If you do each one of those steps incredible, you know you’re going to get incredible results.

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  • Kim Rawks

    Reply Reply April 6, 2016

    I love advice that has well-thought out steps to follow. Too often instructions get too wordy. Thanks for making it simple!

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply April 6, 2016

      It really is about making things simple, less to focus on means we can do what matters. Thanks for the kind comment Kim!

  • Jennifer D.

    Reply Reply April 6, 2016

    A lot of this is just common sense. I think people get too caught up in the fad diets and latest greatest supplements and forget the basics. Great podcast!

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply April 6, 2016

      You know the old saying common sense isn’t that common, over type things just get misinterpreted and people wish there was a magic pill to lose weight fast, however its not going to happen anytime soon I think, That’s why I love teaching the basic’s. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kathy

    Reply Reply April 11, 2016

    So true!! There’s so more to it then just jumping into exercising, your mindset had to be there or it just won’t work. I’m prood of that. Once I figured this out the weight started coming off. It can be a difficult road and I love reading encouraging post like this one to keep me on track. ūüôā

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply April 13, 2016

      So true once we find what works for us and accept there will be some challenges things just seem to work and we get what we want.

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