The Clean Eating Plan Podcast Episode 008 – The Happiness Trap

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Hey, welcome back for another episode. It’s Chris Bridger here for The Clean Eating Plan podcast. Today I want to talk about a concept that I call the happiness trap. The happiness trap is a limiting belief we have surrounding the results we want to achieve. It all comes down to this idea of I’ll be happy when I achieve that result. Whatever the result you’re chasing, whatever that is for you, we get into this pattern of thinking where I’ll be happy when I get to that result, which is a trap because what we want to try and focus on is more of a focus of accepting ourselves for where you are and where we’re at and be happy with that rather than feeling achieving a goal is going to make us happy because if we don’t achieve the goal, then we won’t be happy. We can be in this constant fight or this constant negative loop of feeling like we can’t be happy because we can’t achieve the body we want or the level of weight. When we jump on the scales we’re not happy unless we’re a certain this or that.

What I’m suggesting is, in the body transformation space any way, there’s a big emphasis on change and transformation. I think that is good. However, it does have limitations that fit this happiness trap idea because it really enforces that you’re not happy where you are, so to be happy you have to be somewhere else. However, I feel the first step is to really accept who you are and where you’re at right now. Then that will allow you to freely pursue a transformation goal because at the end of the day you’re content. You’re happy. You are enough of a person as you are, and that’s all that matters. Everything else on top of that is a bonus. Once you’re comfortable with who you are, and what you’re achieved and where you’re at, it’s relieving. It allows you to focus much more clearly with less pressure on pursuing an additional health and fitness goal, for example. Say you wanted to be bikini ready, or you wanted to be a little bit fitter, things like this.

Whenever I train a client in the gym I always educate them on the result they want to achieve, but I also get them to accept where they’re at right now and accept that. It’s okay. It doesn’t mean you’re bad. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It doesn’t mean you’re any less of a person. It’s a right we all deserve to have to be happy with where we currently are and what we currently have in life. Everybody that gets this concept, it’s really quite apparent because when you feel happy, and content and confident with your situation, and it’s okay, the results naturally come because it’s less of a focus on the thing or the outcome and more of a focus on the personal growth, the personal journey, and you feel better. I talk about it in another episode, removing pressure, all the pressure on ourselves to achieve a certain result because inevitably, when it doesn’t happen in the time frame that we set, which is what traditional goal-setting teaches us is set a goal, have a deadline and then work like hell to try to get there.

As we know, our bodies are sometimes difficult to work with, and we interpret that as failure. Rather than setting yourself up for failure, do it the other way. Do it in more of a nurturing, slow process where you can set yourself up to win from day 1, remove pressure, don’t fall into the happiness trap, and everything is a bonus after that. That’s a great way to think of it long-term and when things don’t go your way, it’s okay. You’ve got a plan, and your mindset will stay on track. You won’t devalue your progress. You won’t fall into these depression and sadness cycles. You can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and recognize that it’s going to be a bit of a long process. Anything worth having and worth doing right is going to take a bit of time and investment. It’s going to serve you well to really set yourself up in the long-term for success. I hope you liked this episode. Don’t forget to leave me a rating and a review on iTunes, and don’t forget to visit the website, for more recipes, videos and articles to help you get results. I’ll see you in the next episode and bye for now.

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  • CJ Stark

    Reply Reply May 24, 2016

    I never thought about how important it is to accept yourself where you are even when you want to make changes. If you fall into the pattern of thinking you’re never good enough you can’t ever truly be happy with what you achieve so I think this is good advice.

  • Isabel

    Reply Reply May 24, 2016

    I agree, putting too much pressure on yourself is just a recipe to disaster. I know that I cannot possibly lose all the weight I have gained in the past years in 1 year or less. It will take time so I have to do it step at a time.

  • Gary

    Reply Reply May 24, 2016

    This is completely true! Most people are focusing on having a ‘perfect’ body as a goal by whatever means possible. They think once they achieved the goal, it will be done and everything will be alright.

  • Sylvia

    Reply Reply May 24, 2016

    The society nowadays is giving the idea that skinny body equals happiness. This is truly sad.

  • Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung

    Reply Reply May 25, 2016

    “I feel the first step is to really accept who you are and where you’re at right now. Then that will allow you to freely pursue a transformation goal because at the end of the day you’re content. You’re happy” I agreed so. what I think that, no matter you are slim, or…, just confirm yourself. Then you can set the daily task to achieve those, you will become a cheerful persons.

  • Kate M

    Reply Reply May 25, 2016

    Great advice. Accept where you are now and educate yourself on the results you want. If you cannot accept who you are now, you’ll never be happy with your results.

  • Lauryn M.

    Reply Reply May 25, 2016

    As in many other things, acceptance is key. I thank Chris for bringing this up because it’s almost always overlooked when it comes to losing weight. Attitude plays a very big part and if there’s something wrong with how you look at things (especially your body), then you will never be happy with what yourself. What a sad life indeed.

  • Esperanza

    Reply Reply May 25, 2016

    I agree with the author because weight loss can be an enjoyable journey if only we accept ourselves and be happy with the little achievements along the way. If we are so focused on the end result (“I wanna be a size 1 by wedding day!”) and didn’t achieve it, depression might take over. And so we eat because most women are emotional eaters anyway.

  • Lamech

    Reply Reply May 26, 2016

    I agree, to get anywhere in life you have to appreciate where you are now and love yourself. Constant self-healing and renewal helps one remain focused on one’s goals.

  • katherine tilson

    Reply Reply May 26, 2016

    If society wasn’t so pressuring about women being skinny and men looking a particular way then everyone would be happier. This article makes me think that women should look and feel how they want not how people want them to be.

  • Jhei

    Reply Reply May 27, 2016

    Nothing can mess one up more than putting pressure on one’s self. It is sad that so many are affected by what is being instilled to us as a concept of physical perfection.

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