WARNING: Do Not Even Think Of Starting Another Diet Until You Read This...

Discover The Simple Steps To Losing Weight & Keeping It Off.

Have you ever tried to lose weight?

Of course you have.

And you'll probably also know how exciting the idea of finally achieving that body you've always dreamed of. Squeezing into that pair of skinny jeans or wearing that dress that has been hanging up in the back of the closet for longer that you can remember.

Holding on to them in the hope that one day, maybe one day. You'll finally be able to re-live that moment and that feeling, that "head turning" feeling of being young, happy care free and of course losing a few kg's and a few centimeters.

But all to often this doesn't happen the way we dreamed of. You finally get that motivation and desire back to have another go only to end up back where you started, wondering is there a better way to do this.

And of course there is... There have been 100's and 1000's of women just like you that have been to hell and back trying to taking control of there weight. Some just naturally figure it out, Others are just naturally able to eat what they want and they never seem to gain a single kg.

Where as you on the other hand so much as look at a piece of chocolate you put weight on.

It's no secret that I have been able to get massive results for my personal clients and those who have followed my basic plans, So i decided to create this weight loss plan and jam pack it full of all the best methods I have for helping you to lose weight.

So you can finally fill in the gaps so to speak, so you know exactly how weight loss works and how you can make it work for you

If this sounds like you? Then please keep reading...

Losing Weight Is Hard Have You Ever Felt Like This...

  • Have you tried to lose weight but didn't know where to start?
  • Have you been on a diet before but knew once you stopped all that weight would come back
  • Have you ever wondered why your body just can't seem to shake that weight off
  • The feeling of going on another diet make's you feel sick to your stomach
  • Are you feed up with the whole dieting and rebound weight gain cycle

If Any Of These Have Happened To You Then "The Complete Guide To Weight Loss" May be For You

How Do You Even Lose Weight Anyway?....

Have you ever stopped and thought how to actually lose weight? I mean how are bodies are designed to maintain a healthy weight?

Sounds like a difficult question, And yes it can be.

But here is the the thing. Why is it that some people seem to effortlessly maintain a healthy weight while others struggle to even lose 1 kg.

Frustrating I know.

The simple truth of the matter is there are only a small hand full of things you must do in order to maintain a healthy weight and to lose weight. And more importantly keep it off breaking the cycle of fad diets and weight gain

That often lead to more and more weight being put on to your waist, hips and thighs with no hope of breaking the weight gain cycle.

Break The Cycle Of Fad Diets And Failure

What if I told you...

The number of times you have been on a diet, lost weight and put weight back on

And often a bit more... sometime alot more

Is setting you up to steadily add more and more weight to your body of your life. And you have absolutley no idea why this is happening.

think about it has this happened to you?

Have you been on a diet, Lost weight. Then put the weight you lost back on PLUS a bit more once you stopped.

This happens all the time and inside my ebook "The Complete Guide To Weight Loss"

I dedicate an entire chapter in the ebook to educating and revealing the exact reasons WHY this happens to you.

You will probably be absolutely shocked to know how SIMPLE it is to protect your self from this weight loss weight gain cycle and ever having this happen to you again.

Losing Weight What Is The Right Way?

So how do lose weight the right way?

Well there are many factors to consider but the main idea or belief I personal feel will get you 80% of your result is just simply understanding the basics.

But the thing these days is, you have been bombarded with all sorts of information and different idea's that it gets really confusing.

And that is what i found with my personal clients.

For everything they think is correct they also have heard about something that conflicts.

Let me give you an example. Have you heard people say in magazines etc say fruit is bad for your weight?

But then on the flip side you hear that fruit is then good for weight loss?

This is just one of many examples i've heard and i'm sure you have heard and read  many too.

Here's How You Get The Weight Loss You Deserve

The number one thing you need to do is get educated on all the parts that make up successful weight loss. And that's why I wrote "The Complete Guide To Weight Loss" to help clear up and make losing weight easy to understand.

Here's a quick summary of all the info you learn inside this ebook

Introducing The Complete Weight Loss Solution

So What Is Exactly Inside This 68 Page Ebook?

Getting Started Basics & Goal Setting - In this lesson we will lay the foundations for your success by covering the Essential Basic First Steps and Why They Are Crucial!

Diet and Meal Planning & Eating To Lose Weight - Discover the "Corner Stone" of your results and the method to consistently keep your eating on track and what to do if you fall off the wagon.

Mindset & Motivation - Uncover the secret To What Is Holding You Back and understand how you can "Re-Ingnite" your motivation in a Few Simple Steps.

The Power Of Saying NO - Unlock your hidden power in any situation, to protect your self esteem, your confidence and well being And NEVER Again Feel Guilty About Saying NO.

Exercise Myths & Weight Loss - Get Crystal Clear On What Exercise Works and which one don't, also discover a simple method to achieve results that no know really uses well.

Balancing Your Lifestyle - Discover the "Perfect Balance" that will give you lifelong maintainable results and how to recognise where you are Out Of Balance and How To Fix It.

Advanced Diet - Discover the secret diet trick that explains why different diets can work for different people and how to Pin Point Which Diet Approach Will Work For You!

Managing Stress & Lifestyle Change - The overlooked area that can and does, put the brakes on any fat loss regardless how well you do everything else. You Will Discover How To Manage And Overcome Stress.

The Secrets To More Energy - Imagine over night you could double your energy all by following the Body's Natural Rhythm so you can rest and relax in harmony to Increase Your Energy

What Happens On The Inside - Discover how things we put into our body's can and do, effect how we function and what you can do to Lower The Risk Of This Putting The Brakes On Your Results

Bring It All Together - How to bring everything together and highlight the key essentials highlighted and reduced down to the Simplest And Easiest To Remember Key Steps You'll Never Forget

Maintaining Your New Lifestyle - Make sure you follow through and continue following this tested and proven strategy to catch yourself in the act Before You Un-do All Your Hard Work, How to notice when it happens and how to stop it and stay on track!

Results From My Personal Clients Who I Have Taught Using The Methods In This Book

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About the author Chris Bridger is  recognized as a leading "Weight Loss Expert" helping people in just about every area of weight loss and turn their lives around. Chris's "No B.S." approach is refreshing amidst a world of confusing weight loss solutions and quick fix hype. Breaking weight loss down with his simple 9 step system that any one can follow. Chris's clean eating approach has reached and helped to date over 65,000 people.

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