The Top 10 Ways That Stop You From Losing Weight & What YOU Must Do Instead.

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Podcast Duration (14 Minutes 53 Seconds)

By Chris Bridger

I want to share with you today some of my thought as to why weight loss can be so hard and in particular why women seem to have bigger challenges to face than everyone else when it comes to weight loss.

After reading all kinds of books, listening to tapes and going to seminars, I found that nothing that was “commercially available” seemed to actually WORK on a consistent basis not to mention the one size fits all approach to weight loss that the personal training course and nutrition course actually teach to lose weight. Simple put one size all approach doesn’t work…yet they still teach it as the “only way”.

This led me down a several-year-long path of learning, getting to know what actually worked and continued to work regardless of how many diets people may have tried or whatever their current fitness level or weight loss they were seeking … and finally testing and refining what I learned to come up with a system that WORKS.

This is EXACTLY why Today! I am going to be sharing MANY of the secrets I’ve learned about losing weight easily, staying motivated and controlling your mind, Understanding exactly what you to eat, then how to integrate all this into a lifestyle that fits and helps you regain your energy, your confidence so you no longer feel like you need to hide away and actually be comfortable with your body…

But for now, let’s get to them…

Here come the top ten reasons why women fail to lose weight and keep it off – and how to make sure YOU avoid every one of these deadly common mistakes.

Now, I recommend that you really embrace these, because most women are making them RIGHT NOW and don’t even realize it.

Here we go…

MISTAKE #1: Thinking You Are Eating The Right Foods

When You Actually Are Not!

Have you ever noticed that there are some women out there who just seem to be able to anything in site and not gain a single kilo? They just seem to maintain a perfect figure all year round

Of course you have. It probably drives you crazy.

Just like me, I’m sure you’ve seen this and when you ask them what’s their secret. 1, the either brush it off and won’t tell you. 2. maybe they are much younger and their bodies just seem to be able to cope with the bad eating. Only a very very small amount of people are blessed with the ability to eat whatever and not gain a shred of weight.

What’s going on here? It’s actually very simple…

Women don’t base their level of diet knowledge or choices on what’s right for them. Its the comparisons made and letting emotions get in the way of truly understanding comparing themselves to others

Sometimes its more painful to look inside and look at what your are doing rather than what’s happening outside of you making it hard to stay motivated and focused on what you need to do.

And guess what? comparing yourself and putting unreasonable pressure on yourself makes it hard to get clear and motivated to tackle what’s holding you back.

I realize that this doesn’t make a lot of logical sense, and it’s hard to accept… but you need to get over it if you want to make the focus about you and block out what everyone else out there is doing.


MISTAKE #2: Dieting.

What do most women do when they want to lose weight…

You go on a diet. but the whole idea of a diet is dead wrong!

Right! You  try to “convince”  yourself that this is going to be it, this is time your really going to change. Often this comes in cycles. about every 6 months from what i can see. Your birthdays, Christmas, new year, going on holiday, weddings or anything where you might have to dress nice or get your body out there and you are terrified about what might happen.

Well, I have news for you…


Never, ever, ever!

You cannot trick your body into lose fat only to go back to your old ways of eating once you have finished the diet. This is called the YO – YO diet cycle and i can bet you have been on this roller coaster more than a few times

Think about it. If you diet with the intention of stopping said diet after a few weeks what the hell are you really doing?

You are acting out of pain and frustration most of the time. You see when this cycle hits it builds up over time and all of a sudden a week before your birthday you stand there looking in the mirror and then boom! you get hit with this desire to go on a diet and change your body.

And this is a great place to get to because you get motivated and ready and willing to take action.

The sad part if you will most likely fail.

But we all do it. When you set your sights on a better life through a new body it is the pain that spurs us to change. But the pain and the fear of failing is higher than the desire to get the weight loss results.

Often leading to self-sabotage and not finishing what you started… and the cycle completes itself plunging you into a deeper depression than when you started.

It’s a vicious, vicious cycle that can seem unbreakable… unless you have the knowledge to succeed.

Which i intend to give to you through the coming email’s and other free resources i will be sending you

MISTAKE #3: Hating Your Own Body.

In our desire to lose weight and create a better life ch we mistakenly think that what is considered “Desirable” should be something to strive for.

Flick on the TV or open a magazine and body image is right there in your face and regardless of how you feel about it.

Its there for a reason, Subconsciously you have been “Tricked” to desire these bodies. and more to the point what the represent.

Take a celebrity for example have you ever day dreamed about what a day in their life would look like? the fame the fortune, the slamming body, red carpets the glitz the glamor.

Sounds like a dream life right?

I’m not here to say it is or not but I have noticed and I’m sure you’ll agree that the “Perception” of skinny thin “size zero” = happiness, sexiness and all these qualities we’d love to have in life

So subconsciously our minds link that skinny, thin glamorous body = confidence, happiness,fun.

These causes you to feel inadequate and feel less alive by hating your body. another vicious self attack to derail your mindset and weight loss results. keeping you trapped in this fantasy world created to keep you from feeling adequate.

Leaving you looking for every possible way your raise self esteem by spending thousands of $$$ on shortcuts or quick fixes to make you feel better and more accepted.

If you never picked up a trashy mag or watched a gossip TV show what might that do to your self esteem and confidence?

Try it for a week and see what happens. In a future newsletter i will be breaking down step by step how to take control of your psychology and reveal the ways advertisers manipulate and trick you into feeling this way.

MISTAKE #4: Information Overload

How many times have you googled, picked a magazine and tried a fad diet or latest and greatest fad that promises results with almost no effort, shakes or some sort of crash diet endorsed by a celebrity. or at least thats what the magazines tell you.

Now i know you are not stupid. What frustrates me is when i see these type of articles or diets its such a general and misguided information that leaves you with more questions than answers. Now for me being trained in this area and having the experience of training 100’s of people face to face and now reaching over 60,000 people with my meal plan.

I have the perspective and knowledge of find out what works and what doesn’t.

Now someone like you unless you have spent hours and hours often years will find it hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. For the average person you have no chance.

How could you possibly even come close to figuring this out on your own. I’m not trying to tell you it hopeless but the odds are stacked against you. The diet industry wants to make you confused and keep you confused.

The best way to do this is confuse you with so much information different approaches, latest and greatest. and of course everything seems to contradict, one person says one thing then one person says something else.

If know you hear this all the time and i bet you’ve had it A LOT.

Well guess what? This is not going away. That’s right, So what can you do about it?

Realize the odds are stacked against you and you need someone to guide you through

And that what you will discover in the upcoming newsletters from me.

And i’ll be giving you all this info for free to help you get through this and get empowered results.

MISTAKE #5: Making A Start But Giving Up Early And Self Sabotaging Your Results

Another huge, and unfortunate, mistake that most women make with weight loss is starting then quitting and giving up often just before their bodies will start to show results.

Fast results often don’t mean good results, drastic result are often unsafe and actually are tricky by losing water weight. which is what almost commercially available weight loss programs and shake programs lead to.

Why do they do this to you. Because they know that if jump on the scales and you see a significant decrease in weight you will be over the moon and put all your faith in this program only to find that down the track the weight loss becomes harder and harder.

And eventually you giving up.

You see words long long, effort and slow do appeal to the insatiable need you have to create a better life and body.

I know this and the diet industry knows this too. This is a powerful trigger that when you are vulnerable and in such a strong state of needing relief you will do whatever it takes to make a change and get the quick gratification.

The problem is this quick fix approach only set you up to fail. Because the expectation is that the weight loss becomes easy and you expect to be able to drop big numbers week after week.

This then sets you for failure after a few weeks because your body can’t be tricked. It will always have the last laugh whether you know it or not.

When you crash diet or try and do something against nature your body fights back by actually storing more fat, and holding on to it harder, causing you to become frustrated and quit because you are losing a battle you can never win.

There is a much better way the gives you realistic results and helps you regain control, but for now just the awareness of this and asking yourself if you have every experienced this before maybe more than once.

MISTAKE #6: Not Getting How Your Mindset Really Works To Put Your Weight Loss Goals On Autopilot

Your mindset is probably the single most important part of not only your LIFE but also the results you will get when it comes to melting fat from your body forever. You need to accept this fact, and deal with it.

Whenever you have started a new plan with the best intentions there are subconscious triggers that you can’t control, for example saying to yourself. “I’ll only have a couple of chips” then before you know it you’ve eaten the whole pack.

And you have no idea why you just did that? Well there are some very powerful subconscious programs in you that are calling the shots and all you can do is sit there and wonder what they hell just happened.

Or even worse you are an emotional eater. You are addicted to certain foods or just eating in general to stop the feelings of depression and pick yourself up by eating comfort foods.

You instantly feel compelled to eat everything in site and get the enjoyment. Its almost like a drug. Is there really more going on here? sure is i cover this in depth in my program “The 12 Week Fat Loss Road Map”

Well, after studying this topic for over ten full years now, I can tell you that mindset and emotional eating comes down to those subconscious triggers and our bodies desire to gain pleasure and avoid pain. And also lack the ability to notice when anger and anxiety enter our minds and through us off the wagon.

In a future newsletter we’ll be covering this in more depth  these hunger triggers that screw up your progress.

Have you ever been hungry but you’ve eaten a huge meal yet still feel unsatisfied?

Have you ever noticed this yourself. What’s really going on here is that if you are eating the incorrect foods you are often not getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. Sending your brain into overdrive searching for more and more food.

The brain doesn’t say “Hey, I need more vitamin b12” it just sends hunger messages to the brain to keep eating until the missing nutrient is found. And even some foods, junk foods mainly play chemical tricks on the body make you want to eat more.

The chemical tricks are so powerful we barely even notice them until one day you get a weird rash or skin break out, your just totally sapped of all energy. In some case, and this is becoming more and more common you can develop food allergies and intolerance that really through a snapper in the works.

As you can see having the right knowledge in this area is going to greatly improve your health and lifestyle.

But the great news is anybody can learn this knowledge, and I intend to give to to you all for free in these newsletters.

MISTAKE #7: Understanding Your Hormones and Why If You Miss This Nothing Else Will Work.

One of the most common mistakes women make is failing to understand the critical signals and impacts the hormonal system has on fat burning. You’ve lead to believe that if you eat less and exercise all will be well.

I often find people fall into categories. Ones that would rather eat their way skinny but doing only the eating part, weight watchers, jenny craig etc. Then there’s the other side who will exercise themselves skinny by trying to out exercise a bad diet.

Both approaches more often than not end up in failure. Why?. Because you can’t eat yourself skinny and you can’t out exercise a bad diet. Plus the all important hormonal benefits you both get from exercise and diet ARE BOTH required to effortlessly melt fat and keep it off.

And more important lack of either can cause hormone imbalance which is the most common cause of hard to shift fat or the dreaded plateau. Now you don’t need a PHD to understand hormones and weight loss.

The biggest stress hormone in the body is cortisol. Its role is a STRESS Hormone. It’s job is the create stress in the body. The way it does this is by what you eat and how you exercise and also the other lifestyle factors.

Too much cortisol in the body will put the brakes on your weight loss faster than you can say cortisol. Here are some simple tips to fight fat and hormone imbalance.

Drink plenty of water

Get proper sleep every night 8 hours of unbroken sleep

Cut out coffee and tea and soft drinks anything with sugar or caffeine etc.

eat right for your body type (more on this in a future) newsletter

Exercise correctly don’t over or under do it.

manage your stress level.

If you only made a few small changes the results will be dramatic and you will start to feel better very quick.

MISTAKE #8: Giving Away All Of Your Power And Not Making Your Own Choices.

A huge key to understand is you are powerful. You can make choices and have the ability to change in an instance. You may not know what to do or how to do it right now. That’s ok. It can be hard to unlearn all the bad habits and mis information in the diet and weight loss industry, the same info that is keeping you fat and overweight and un happy.

When everything we have talked about so far happens to you the most common reaction is that its information overload we just go along with what we are told by the diet industry. Except now more and more people are waking up to the facts and realising that a lot of it doesn’t work.

Start to become a detective and look around and see what works for you there is no quick fix or one size fits all approach there are so many different diets out there. But the basics done well always win.

MISTAKE #9: Not Being Able To Say No, To Food, People and Situations.

Now I’m really going to blow your mind… Did you know that 97% of all women surveyed for my clean recipes eBook were asked. “Do you find it hard to say no to people and food” only 3% said the all ways say no. The other 97% at least 1-5 times per week gave in to eating something or doing something due to peer pressure even though deep down they didn’t want to.

That is worrying to me. Feeling guilty or anxious about saying no, is responsible for more miserable overweight women than anything else out there in my opinion.

So why is it hard to say no. Simple. You have a weak personal boundary. and you want to please people, not make a fuss, fit in. All these things that suit other people and not your needs. What’s interesting also is the 97% of women surveyed for my recipe book. 85% said that they had lost weight but ended up putting it back on plus more.

Can’t say no to people situations and food = Weight gain. Simple. If you are sick and tired of not being able to say no and really want to discover the bullet proof way to say no and not feel rejected or anxious then check out my 12 week fat loss road map in this program we cover how to say no with confidence and also many other crucial lessons to keep you slim.

MISTAKE #10: Not Getting Help

This is the biggest mistake of all.

This is the mistake that keeps most women from ever having the kind of success with weight loss that they truly want.

I know, you sometimes don’t like to admit that you might need help because you are scared, anxious or just terrified of failing again. We don’t like to ask for help.

Hey, I’ve been there myself and seen it countless times have trainer several 100 people. Let me tell you a little about me and how I figured out how to be successful with weight loss and keeping it off long term…

My Story…

In 2009, I became a personal trainer and was looking forward to helping people melt fat and uncover the true feeling of success happens and confidence that come from having the body you always wanted…But i was wrong. Dead wrong.

One day  I was out learning how to be a personal trainer and we were covering nutrition. Needless to say I wasn’t impressed. It was the one size fits all approach to losing weight. It was so general and Impersonal I could have flicked on the TV watched an infomercial and got the say info.

Needless to say it went against everything i had taught myself up to this point about doing the basics really well and looking beyond just the surface level advice they were giving.

Fast forward 6 months and i was qualified and ready to be a trainer, started training a few clients and noticed something strange….

I looked around and all the other trainer and their clients never seemed to lose any body fat or change their shape. And i had the other personal trainers coming up to me asking? “Hey Chris how are you getting these results for your clients?”

So i told them what i was doing, they started doing it too and they also started seeing changes in their clients. So i thought i might be on to something here so i decided to put together my “Back 2 Basics” meal plan. The very same free meal plan that you know have to guide you.

After a lot of hard work and learning over the years i have put together this guide that has now helped 1000’s of women all over the world. With over 60,000 downloads and counting.

I get emails everyday from people telling me how they have been able to change their bodies quickly, melt fat and shape and tone their arms, thighs stomachs and butts. Have more energy and just feel great inside and out.

These same women now say the feel lighter, happier and don’t feel like they need to hide away. It isn’t that hard to get results once you have the knowledge to guide you through. The “Back 2 Basic’s Meal Plan” is only the beginning of your journey.

In addition to this email newsletter, I have created the 8 week clean eating challenge

The challenge is JAM PACKED with dozens and dozens of specific strategies for overcoming fear, recipe cook books with delicious tasty recipes that work and meal planning programs that help you save time and get specific meal plans designed for you.

I’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and energy making this program. I wanted to design and create a program that ANY Women could easily understand and start using immediately to melt fat, quickly and safely… without having to turn your life upside down or change everything overnight.

8 week challenge banner

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  • StacyK

    Reply Reply November 28, 2015

    I am in total agreement! In a world full of diets, too much information, and never ending photos of beautiful bodies, it can be extremely hard to find a weight loss strategy that really works. I love how you emphasize the need for accepting your own body and attempting to filter out “the perfect body” portrayed in the media.

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply December 2, 2015

      In my experience talking too and coaching many 100’s of female clients the idea of the dream bodies is often skewed and feels fabricated. Its not un acheivable by any means, I feel accepting your own body will remove the mental block that might be holding you back to helping you reach the level of health you desire to have. Thanks for sharing great insights Stacy!

  • Cristina

    Reply Reply December 18, 2015

    Very interesting and thorough article! I found it useful and hopefully will see results from this bit of advice. Thanks for sharing!

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply March 12, 2016

      Glad you liked that is my hope of course!

  • Emily

    Reply Reply December 24, 2015

    #5 really rings true to me. I know it sounds like a cop-out to many but I really do have a slow metabolism and weight drops off really slowly. When I’ve been really good, reducing calories and denying myself favorite foods for weeks and the scale doesn’t budge, I get really discouraged. I know there are no quick fixes but I really wish there was!

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply March 12, 2016

      This is very common and it can be tough to deal with, especially without help. There is no holy grail or magic pill, however we do have many tools available to us to make the changes we seek.

  • Maddy Mae

    Reply Reply May 15, 2016

    Really great article, Chris! You are so correct about the uselessness of “diets”. Just like you point out, it needs to be a whole lifestyle adjustment if you want to really loose the weight in a healthy way and help it stay off. Love you podcast!

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply May 22, 2016

      So true, the challenge is accepting ourselves for where we are at, and taking responsibility for or results. Deep down we all know what we need to do the challenge is to cut through all the confusion and get back to basics, educating people through this blog and my podcast is a great free way to help people, I’m glad you are using it and getting what you need from it!

  • Ellen P

    Reply Reply May 15, 2016

    Wow. I am so guilty of so many of these, especially 4&5. I am so terrible about reading about some awesome new diet, bogging myself down to where I don’t even know where to get started after I’m done reading it all, then stressing myself out so bad with trying to follow all these precise steps that I give up and quit from the sheer stress alone after just a few days. So glad to know it wasn’t just me doing that! Thanks for the great article! I’ll definitely be trying a different approach from here on out.

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply May 22, 2016

      Its very common to be overloaded with information, and most other diets out there depend on you being confused jumping from solution to solution, as i say to my clients the only thing in common with every diet you have tried is you. It blows my mind that there is no one teaching how to lose weight and be healthy in such a simple way as i try to do here.

  • Tracy

    Reply Reply May 15, 2016

    Despite the best intentions, #9 for me is the single biggest factor why my weight loss plans fail. I go to the gym, watch what I eat, stay away from sodas and junk food. But when I go out with friends on Friday or Saturday nights, I find it hard to resist. I’m a very sociable person and I’m still struggling on sticking to my diet even on weekends!

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply May 22, 2016

      Its all about balance, and knowing your limits. Sometimes the best thing to do is just enjoy yourself and savor the rewards and treats. I think the stress and anxiety of such indulgences is more cause for not losing weight, stress is a huge part of it

  • Toni Fontello

    Reply Reply May 15, 2016

    Willpower and sticking to what you start are two key factors to losing weight. Many women and men (my husband included) start out strong but talk themselves out of eating healthy food because they miss their junk food or overeating. Very thorough article that should help many shed pounds.

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply May 22, 2016

      Thanks for the kind words Toni much appreciated, I have observed (me included) when we try to change to much about ourselves to quickly it often comes crashing down and we fail sooner or later I find getting back to basics is always the best approach and taking a longer term focus

  • Maria

    Reply Reply May 15, 2016

    First of all, having no career nor hobby makes you want to eat a lot due to frustrations that you want to lose weight but can’t find any ways or things to start with.

    Next, too much stress could lead to stress-eating. Because your too busy at work, eating could be your only way out.This has been the hobby of most call center agents. Even though their work is stressful at times,they have been passive in terms of exercising their bodies. You should always have time for exercise

    Finally, no discipline fails one to achieve his goal to lose weight. Lack of discipline leads you nowhere.

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply May 28, 2016

      Emotional eating is something everybody suffers from. No body is perfect. I teach to recognise the patterns and build reward meals into your plan, because if we don’t allow ourselves to indulge sometimes, it often leads to us binge eating and really over doing it, which in turn makes us feel worse about ourselves. The challenge for us is to manage how we feel.

  • Maria Carelle Relavo

    Reply Reply May 15, 2016

    First of all, Having no career nor hobbies makes me want to eat more. I am one of those people who tends to engage in stress-eating when things go wrong.

    Next, lack of discipline fails one to achieve his goal to lose weight

    • Kevin

      Reply Reply May 25, 2016

      I totally feel you. I have no discipline at all. I know it is bad, but it is hard to force myself to be otherwise.

      • Chris Bridger

        Reply Reply March 19, 2017

        Its a challenge we all face at certain times of our live the key is to keep focus and take consistent action

  • Athan

    Reply Reply May 15, 2016

    The points stated herein are spot on! I especially agree with #4. Several of my colleagues who want to lose weight often consult too many sources at the same time. Most of the time, their sources contradict one another, which makes them even more confused about what to do.

  • Ivan

    Reply Reply May 17, 2016

    Mistake #9 is the most common mistake – we easily succumb to the pressures that come with saying ‘no’ especially when our pleasing other people goes on autopilot instead. Information overload only happens when you don’t consider Mistake #10 and seek help instead since none of the things one tries out has worked out so far.

  • Hannah Cortes

    Reply Reply May 17, 2016

    Dieting really doesn’t work. The secret to losing weight is making a permanent commitment to eat healthy and exercise daily. That’s really it. It’s that simple.

    • Kayla

      Reply Reply May 25, 2016

      Yes! The key is not not eating and losing weight as fast as possible. It is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply March 19, 2017

      Exactly, once we commit to leading a healthy lifestyle that is were the magic happens!

  • Isabel

    Reply Reply May 18, 2016

    I agree with these tips. I stick to eating only what I need and try to move everyday. I find that if your stomach is used to eating big portions of meals then it will stay that way. Besides, as we grow older we do not need that amount of calories that are harder to lose as metabolism slows down.

  • Martha A.

    Reply Reply May 19, 2016

    I’m very insecure…not that I hate my body, but I always think that my friends are sexier than me. So I pretend that I’m ok and that we’re on the same page. But deep inside I’m waging a battle every time I wake up. I binge eat when I’m home but when I’m with them I pretend to be ok with the small portion or healthy food they eat. I go to the gym with them, tried every diet we fancy, yoga, etc. It’s a hit and miss. But I know that one day I have to take charge of my body and make the right choices.

  • Stacy

    Reply Reply May 19, 2016

    Girls, let’s get real…we have to love our bodies first! Then we make informed choices with our health. Losing weight shouldn’t always be for looking good but more importantly for our health. #4 and #10 are somewhat related…when there’s too much information out there, too many fad diets, too many nutrition health guidelines, what do we do? We talk to specialists, or professionals. There’s no quick-fix to weight loss and getting help puts us on the right track.

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply March 19, 2017

      I think this is very important, the idea of acceptance. And of course getting help is also important!

  • April O.

    Reply Reply May 21, 2016

    Serious discipline is really what it takes to achieve goals in dieting. No matter what kind of exercising one does,if there’s no total discipline with food intake and lifestyle,everything is useless.

  • sai

    Reply Reply May 23, 2016

    In my experience talking too and coaching many 100’s of female clients the idea.
    this artical is very intrested. I go to the gym with them, tried every diet we fancy, yoga, etc

  • Max

    Reply Reply May 23, 2016

    It’s always tough to eat right, stay fit, and do the right thing. These tips will keep you on track and help you reach your goals. They sure helped me out! Glad I found this page!

  • Max

    Reply Reply May 23, 2016

    I struggle with trying to remember that my body is great as it is, and that I just want to eat better so that I look even better! This article offers some great insight in to how you sabatage yourself by dieting instead of having an eating plan and other things you have to change before you’ll have success losing and keeping off those extra pounds.

  • Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung

    Reply Reply May 27, 2016

    “This is the mistake that keeps most women from ever having the kind of success with weight loss that they truly want.” I agreed so. What I think that, making weight loss needs timely management. No matter you stick in your achievement, keep on your weekly, or monthly journey.

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply September 8, 2016

      Yuen this is a great point, regular action on a consistent basis will move you closer to you goal!

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply March 19, 2017

      Good points i agree. Time management is important taking the time to plan and reflect on progress is very timely. Thanks for sharing!

  • Terrence

    Reply Reply May 28, 2016

    Weight loss is tricky. Great job in demystifying the whole concept.

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply June 4, 2016

      thanks for the comment i’m glad you liked it and it has helped you!

    • Chris Bridger

      Reply Reply March 19, 2017

      Hi Terrence thanks for the support happy to be adding value to your life and results

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