Thinking About Going On Another Diet?

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“They Laughed” At Me When I Told Them I Was Going On A Diet Again… … Jokes On Them Because This Time… … I’m Doing It For Me….

Hey again Chris here, up until recently I was just like you even though I am a qualified personal trainer I have always had a love/hate relationship with dieting and food. Some days my diet would be perfect every meal was effortless with no craving and not even being tempted by something “Bad for me”

Once while sometimes even the next day I had have a massive blow out or big weekend and I would just tel myself “It’s ok I’ll get back into it Monday” – “Or i’ll make sure i go for a longer workout” you know what I mean everything goes out the window you through the hands up in the air and waive the white flag while looking for something “Bad” to silence that little voice in your head that is craving that certain something you absolutely adore and would devour in a split second if you had the chance.

Then then you get angry at yourself for giving into temptation, Then the guilt kicks in. All that hard work dieting and you’ve felt like you managed to undo all the good. With just a few bits of something bad for you. And you swear it won’t happen again and yet you get back on the roller coaster diet and ride it over and over again.

Doesn’t this drive you nuts? I didn’t have the basic’s down either I didn’t have enough go to recipes that I could call upon anytime and just use, and know that they were good for me. The several cook books I had and the access to 1000’s online but as you know you can’t always find simple, healthy and tasty recipes that easily. And it wasn’t through lack of trying either. I’d easily spend hours and hours searching look for the best way to do it…

Until I decided to create my own “Done For You “system… That literally creates the right weight loss diet plan… Every time… Without out all the hard work…

Oh and the food… It’s beyond delicious, of course.

Fortunately, I’m The Kind Of Person Who Doesn’t Give Up Easily, Either!

That’s how came to create this online meal plan that your reading about right now…. I knew I was on to something… Here’s what I discovered on my journey… Can you relate to any of this?

  • Being on a diet sucks! The second,  you take something away from me… My mind just becomes obsessed and fixated on that “Thing” “I Can No Longer Have”…. Making me stick to my new diet plan for all of about 3 seconds…. Or…
  • I made a great start things were going swimmingly… Then… all of a sudden… … Out of no where! my world gets tipped upside down, upside down, inside out… Everything seems to fall apart and I never really understood why? The diet lies in ruins under a pile of chocolate wrappers and guilty  binge that leave you huddled on the couch watching  “Love Actually” for the 100th time … Don’t worry I’ve been there too…
  • And I guess the most frustrating thing about it all is, Its not sustainable for the long term. The second you stop… It’s like all that weight is just waiting for its chance to hitch a ride back to stomach, hips and thighs and stubbornly stay there as an unwanted and uninvited guest.

Looking Back Now… … I See Clear As Day Where I Went Wrong

All this time wasted and suffering was in the end… … All worth it!

You see because there is no magic pill or magic bullet to weight loss. In fact weight loss in a lot of cases has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with what you have been told.

Let me explain… For you to realise and discover the level of unstoppable energy and vibrant health you desire and more importantly deserve… Comes down to a few very basic principles that have always worked and continue to work as long as we understand them….

The sexy bikini clad bombshell, with all the jaw dropping curves that turns heads knows it…

The skinny friend of yours, who always seems to remain slender and trim all year round, effortlessly eats and drinks what ever she pleases and never even seems to gain an inch of fat!… And when you ask her she just tells you “I just watch what I eat”…

You probably feel like strangling here at that point… but remember she’s your friend… so be nice!

The point is some people instinctively know what to do… For the rest of us we need to learn about it and put it into a simple easy to follow system that we can follow to get results.

And there is other type of person… who is determined to do all the hard work in figuring it out on there own… Trying to squeeze this into an already crammed busy lifestyle, Work, school drop offs, house work, errands, the list goes on, Its no wonder people find it so stressful trying to lose weight, let alone learn how to do it… and help keep it off…

The “Light Bulb” Moment Went Off …. Then There Was What Came Next…

I sat down and I started to think… …Really to achieve weight loss results you may only read about in magazines or see on the red carpet… I need to go back to the beginning.

Create a simple, easy to follow online system that solved these following problems

  • The food needs to taste good.
  • There needs to be lots and lots of variety.
  • The recipes need to be easy to make.
  • The ingredients need to be easy to find at my local supermarket.
  • The meal plan needs to suit my diet preferences, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian etc.
  • It needs to excluded the foods you don’t like eating.
  • The meal plan needs to be flexible. Able to switch recipes in and out with one click.
  • The meal plan needs to automatically update and adjust your calories. so you keep losing weight.
  • It need to automatically count calories for you.
  • It needs to be super easy to set up and use.
  • It needs to be available on tablets, smart phones anywhere you are
  • It needs a printable, itemised shopping list, that can be adjusted to feed 1-7 people
  • It needs to be able to track results and keep it all recorded and stored for you.
  • It needs to fit your lifestyle, not you fit it.
  • It needs to allow you to have treats each week, with out getting you off track
  • It needs to work with little or no exercise.

Pretty extensive list… I know, phew that was a mouth full and a half

The Good new is though… I got there… and now its your chance to see for your self how this done for you system can actually work for you.

… As You Could Imagine I Though It Was To Good To Be True…

Anyway there is a good reason I’m telling you all of this. You see the only way to learn all this stuff was to spend the countless hours surfing the web or even going to the extreme of becoming a qualified personal trainer or even nutritionist. I teamed up with real body world wide to create my online meal plan. They create meal planning and weight loss programs you would find in high priced gyms and health clubs. With the added expense of a gym membership you may never even end up using.

That being said the program I developed is backed by a team of dietitians and created on a very robust online platform. I had to pay a pretty penny for the development of this program… But that mean high prices for you right?


In fact rather than charge the $1000’s that other larger gyms may offer for something similar, I am able to pass on the saving directly to you because I am a “One man band” so to speak, we are a small online company so we can operate with out all the massive overheads that require ridiculous pricing for something you know is going to help you tremendously.

Introducing The Done For You Weight Loss And Meal Planning Solution

Packed into this amazing program is exactly everything you need to know to master your own weight loss journey in the shortest time possible. Nothing has been left out you get the same the added advantage that you have it all online so its always with accessible at hand when you need it.

Imagine being at the shops quickly whipping out your smart phone and browsing your own meal plan or searching for a recipe that suits your own dietary needs and in a few minutes zip up and down the aisles grab what you need, avoiding all the aisles where you might be tempted to grab something naughty!

Here’s Exactly What You Get…

  • Your own personal profile – Set your start point and  goal weight
  • Choose your food preference – include and excluded the foods you like / don’t like
  • Access to 1000’s of recipes – that you actually want to eat!
  • Simple “One Click” meal plan creator – to save time and effort
  • Change, Swap and save your favorite recipes
  • Print and save all your shopping list for easy access later
  • Online results tracking in real time – so you know exactly how you are progressing
  • Regular reward days built right into your meal plan – Guilt free indulgence

The only thing this program does not do… Is go out, buy your food and eat it for you.

The only thing you need to do is put your doubts aside… and give this program a try…

If you, too, can simply put your doubts aside for a short time, you can see for yourself just what it is like to slip into those skinny jeans that are tucked away in the deepest darkest part of the closet… or…

… Be that person who “others” are envious of because the seem to have this weight loss thing under control…  Be in control and empowered.

Or turn a few heads again… and feel happy and confident, that you deserve this and are worth it.

Your putting your self first for a change… It’s your time to shine!

Now you can discover how to create Delicious tasty meals that naturally make you feel like a TV chef every time you step into the kitchen you’ll never expect food this healthy can be so good for you! And you’ll be even more surprised that You!, Yes you actually were able to make something so delicious and healthy all at the same time!

Not only will you love the recipes you’ll make but even the fussiest family members will turn in to raving fans of your new found culinary skills, that they will never want to take a trip through the drive through ever again! You’ll feel appreciated and proud of what your creating in the kitchen… Even if they don’t know that its actually good for them too!

If you’ve ever wanted to know with absolute certainty that what you are putting into your body is healthy and helps melt fat… with out you feeling like your starving or being deprived of good tasting food.. Then this message may be just be thing you need to read right now to get on track, get back on track or even just make a great start to losing weight or just keeping it off and remaining healthy.

About The 8 Week Challenge

You see they think you should have to pay through the noise for something that can change your life… me on the other hand I want to actually help you… You see I’m no celebrity actually for from it… I used to be a grease monkey (aka a mechanic) before I was a personal trainer…

The only thing I discovered was a system to help my personal clients change their eating habits and eventually their entire lifestyle, health and of course weight.

Sure you may have invested money in other programs and felt like they didn’t live up to the hype and you didn’t get the results your desired.

Here’s how it works: Every month we run the 8 week clean eating challenge and the next challenge is starting soon when you join you get access to the 8 week program where you can build your own meal plan, plan a shopping list and access all the video lesson we have that cover mindset, nutrition goal setting and much more.

I am extremely confident it will work for you too, Think about it: Imagine walking past a fashion store something beautiful catches your eye and for a moment you think “That’ll never fit me” then you remember about the changes your body has gone through, you try it on and to your amazement its fits like it was made for you…. Now, that be something. Wouldn’t it?

You bet it would be, not to mention all the compliments from friends at your next catch up over lunch. When you step out in style, confidence and just plain feeling good…

You have absolutely nothing to lose And I’m sure you are going to love it

I have been in your shoes and know what it feels like so get started right now and I can’t wait to here from you see your results!

Yours In Health

Chris Bridger. Certified Personal Trainer And Weight Loss Coach.

P.S. Please take action right now, while your still here on this page, All you need to do is click the link below and visit the 8 week challenge information page and get all the details about the next challenge.

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