What Is Clean Eating?

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Clean eating is one of the hottest trends in the diet industry at the moment, popularized by many for the health benefits and having a “Clean” eating body, But what does it actually mean?

This article aims to provide simple rules that you can follow to define clean eating for you, what it is and what it isn’t

I aim to give you a clean concise quick start clean eating guide by defining terms and by show what clean eating is not, to clearly show you what clean eating is… I hope that makes sense. Ok so here we go!

Let’s Start With Food

Let’s think about food for a second what makes a food a food?, honestly have you thought about it, does food really need to come in boxes and packets and sit on a shelf for 12 months before its eaten?, is that a food. In all honesty, No it’s not.

So first of all if a food is processed in anyway then it’s scratched off the clean eating list straight away, why? We’ll because anything that has no life generally stays the same for months if not years anytime we process a food the life force is stripped away layer by layer because in nature everything in nature that is alive will eventually die. That packet of cake mix that expires 3 years from today is dead already it just hasn’t been buried yet (and by buried I mean in your stomach)

Process Foods

Process food removes life from the food, making it less nutritious, therefore less healthy and not a clean eating food

Next, additives the hidden party in your food that is present in all most everything we eat, processing and additives go hand in hand. Additives are there to replace what is lost through process sometimes its taste; sometimes it’s to make it a more pleasing color or smell.

So as you can see the further from the natural state is the less of a clean eating food it is.

Refined Foods

Refined foods, whenever we refine foods, we end up with more than our bodies can actually use effective or the amounts are far more than what our bodies are used to, take sugar for example. Sugar come from sugar cane, you can just grab a piece of sugar cane bite into it and expect to get a sweet sugar hit, another example is flour, wheat grains are refined to extract only a small amount of usable material to make wheat products, the bran layer and germ layer are removed then sold to you In other ways leaving you with just the refined product, which our bodies are designed to handle very well

So what makes a clean eating food?

We’ll something that is not refined, nor processed and not artificial in any way. That’s pretty much it.

Next time you go and buy your self-something think about those 3 questions. And that will take you 80% the way there to the clean eating lifestyle.

Test this on would be health foods and ask yourself how natural is this, how processed is this, is it refined and what’s artificial.

Moving away from our traditional idea about food is the hardest part about getting the ideas of the clean eating lifestyle to stick

But remember small steps are the key here think about what will have the biggest impact and what is going to be the easiest to change and start there.

The next thing you might try is to is any time you say “I can’t” or I don’t”, think about using how, how can I find a better breakfast idea. Or what do I need to learn to get my goals?

Getting Back To Basic’s

Start thinking about what problem you need to solve then find the info you need that solves that problem and step by step build upon on each fundamental to build a clean eating lifestyle that works for you

So there you go the 3 simplest basic clean eating tips you’ll need to get started, they are basic, but form the corner stone of any good diet.

Remember processed (in a box) last forever

Refined, something natural that has been stripped of many other nutrients to make a concentrated product, flour, sugar salt for example

Artificial, if it’s not real – it’s not real. It’s that simple. Read labels if you can’t pronounce it then you should not be eating it… last time I checked bananas didn’t have nutrition labels

Hope you enjoyed this article stay tuned for the next article

Keep it Clean

Find It Hard To Get Clean Eating Recipes?

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