Why Cutting The C.R.A.P Will Help You Shift That Weight

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Have you ever wondered why you still aren’t shifting those excess pounds despite all that blood, sweat and tears and depriving yourself of everything you’ve ever loved?

According to many experts, you could stop struggling and fighting and effortlessly lose weight if you take a far simpler approach- you cut the C.R.A.P and remove caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and processed food from your diet.

But could this really be true?

Here’s the evidence why cutting the C.R.A.P really could help you shift that weight.


That morning coffee could be one of the main reasons why you’re still hanging on to that body fat. It’s packed with hormone-disrupting caffeine which is a central nervous system stimulant and places a stress on your body. This triggers your stress response and causes you to release more of the stress hormone cortisol. This then interferes with the production and balance of all of your other hormones, including the blood-sugar balancer, insulin. When your levels of this hormone are high, your body actually creates more fat for times of hardship and tends to store it around your belly area.

Caffeine can also interfere with your sleep patterns which can also interfere with your perception of hunger and your likelihood of overeating.

Refined sugar

Sugar is absolutely terrible for our bodies. Not only is it completely devoid of all nutrients, highly toxic for the human body and immediately digested as fat, it also sharply increases our blood sugar levels.

These high blood sugar levels don’t just lead to diet-related health conditions like diabetes and metabolic syndrome, they can also cause you to overeat and gain yet more weight. This is because sugars directly affect the production and regulation of our hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin which help regulate our appetite.

Sugar is also highly addictive, raising levels of the pleasure hormone dopamine and making us far more likely to reach for the same poor food choices time, after time, after time.


Did you know that alcohol can be just as fattening as refined sugar? Not only does it poison our bodies, damage our livers and leave us vulnerable to all kinds of health issues, it’s also packed full of sugar-derived calories.

Additionally, alcohol raises production of oestrogen in both sexes which increases belly fat storage and increases other hormone-related symptoms in women. It’s clearly best avoided if you care about losing weight.

Processed food

Processed food is food which has been stripped of all nutrients until it barely resembles anything edible anymore and often doesn’t even taste like it either. And the trouble with these kinds of ‘foods’ is that we often don’t know exactly what undesirable ingredients lie inside of our food. This includes chemical nasties, additives, preservatives, GMO ingredients and goodness knows what else! Stick with whole foods instead and cook from scratch more often to protect yourself against these dietary monsters.

Incredible weight-loss isn’t just about which exercise or diet plan we select- the real secret to success lies in the choices we make on a daily basis. So follow the advice, cut the C.R.A.P and watch how your waistline transforms!

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