Why Should You Build Muscle?

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Lean, Toned and sculpted muscle plus a fast fat burning metabolism are just a few reason why you should consider building muscle… & It’s easier than you think!

The muscle tissue is a group of muscle fibers and with the correct training allows the muscle fibers to change. With healthy eating and the right amount of rest enables the muscle tissue to grow and repair itself.

To get the best benefit for the muscles is to work out, rest time for the tissue to repair, and repeat. Without the proper exercise and training your muscles have no reason to grow and strengthen.

Important Steps to Accelerate Building Muscles

Diet and Nutrition

The first important step before you begin any workout for muscle building is to increase your calorie intake. When increasing your calorie intake be sure to eat clean food that is healthy and you are controlling the amount you are eating.

Focus on foods that are healthy and give you energy as well. Be sure to increase your protein intake. Try to consume 1 to 2 grams of protein for each pound of your weight.

To build muscle at the best rate it is essential to drink enough water. Around .06 ounces of water per pound of your body weight will help you get the muscle growth that you are wanting.

Reducing your meal serving size to smaller portions and increasing your meal times to five or six times a day will help your body to maintain a more consistent flow of calories. This will make your muscle building workouts more beneficial.

Eating fat is a necessity for muscle training; saturated fats do need to be limited to 20 grams or less. The unsaturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats are the fats necessary for overall health and exercise work out training. Your calorie intake for saturated fats should be about .008 multiplied by your calorie intake. For trans-fats multiply your intake by .001 and good fats or unsaturated fats by .03.

Along with a healthier well balanced diet taking a daily vitamin regimen will ensure that your body is getting enough vitamins and minerals to keep you going strong.

Eating breakfast helps speed up muscle repair and recovery, while boosting your metabolism.

Protein shakes are a great way to get nutritious high protein and carbohydrates in a quick and easy drink. These are easier for the body to digest when working out to build muscle tone. Whey protein is for the quick protein needed right after a workout and mornings. Casein protein is better to keep protein in your body at a slower pace of digestion and best before going to bed.

Guidelines for Exercising

Warming up is crucial prior to any exercise or workout routine. Even before you try stretching your muscle it is best to warm up with a simple jog or light lifting to get started.

After a warm up session a mild stretching and holding positions will help your muscle to be more flexible prior to your routine workout.

To obtain optimal muscle growth, the work outs need to be harder and shorter in time. The last rep in the group of exercises should be harder. This makes your muscles feel the demand to reach for more, to get them growing to fill the demand of the workout increase.

To get the maximum benefit from your workout be sure to work the whole body. Stimulating muscle growth is done when the muscles are stimulated by hormones from working out.

For best muscle results work the whole body in a session or the complete upper or lower body as separate sessions.

What to Avoid When Building Muscle

Cardio workouts burn up amino acids and glycogen, which can limit muscle growth. Cardio workouts will burn fat, so if you’re building muscle as well, limiting you cardio workout is essential.

Be aware of over training and not enough rest. Some symptoms of over training are chronic fatigue, strength loss, insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, chronic soreness, prone to injury, and lowered sex drive. The best way to avoid over training is to set up a schedule that includes split routines with breaks in between to recover from each session.

Stress should be avoided all together in general, however when working on building muscle stresswill increases cortisol that encourages the body to burn muscle tissue and store fat.

Tips To Get Started

When doing warm up sets prepares your central nervous system as well as your muscles and joints for your workout routine. The central nervous system when stimulated will help make the weights feel lighter thereby, increasing and maximizing the training session.

Getting the ideal amount of sleep is essential to keep your body in balance while building muscles. The recommended amount of sleep is 7 to 8 hours each night. Muscles grow most when your body is resting.

Taking a week off after 10 continuous weeks of training will maximize your muscle gain. After a week’s rest, your body will be ready to get back to your training again.

Avoid training injuries by not training too heavy or too much, training with poor form, and not listening to your body’s signals.

Listen to your body for signs of stiff or tight muscle for more warm up sets. If weight workouts seem unusually heavier then use caution and train lighter or try more warm up sets to wake up your muscles.

Avoid imitating professional bodybuilder’s routines, as they are usually genetically gifted and do not train naturally.

When bulking fails and turns to fat is most likely due to not training hard enough by pushing as hard as possible with each routine. Weight gain should be approximately 1-2 pounds per month while training.

Avoid machines whenever possible as they promote unnatural movement patterns. Free weights will allow a more natural motion to build more muscle by forcing you to control and balance the weight.

When there is no muscle gain while following and working hard on the routine the only other reason is there is not enough food to properly feed the muscles.

Persistence, Exercise Selection, Proper Nutrition, Progression, Balance, Hard Work, and Diet are the factors that lead to success in building muscles.

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