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How To Lose Weight Live Workshop

Here's What We Will Be Teaching You At This Workshop...

  • Our Highly Successful 5 Step Weight Loss System
  • What It Takes To Lose Weight And Keep It Off
  • The Mindset Secrets To Losing Weight
  • Why Most Diets Don't Work And What To Do Instead
  • How To Take Everything We Teach You And Apply To Get Results Fast

Who Am I?

From The Desk Of Chris Bridger:

Founder Of The Clean Eating Plan.

Dear Friend,

What if I was to tell you, there is a way you can lose weight and change your lifestyle simply and easily without, any restrictive dieting, strenuous exercise or fancy pills or potions.

Not to mention it's affordable and can predictably tell you how much weight you will lose each week until you have reached your goal, all while eating real food you can find at the your local supermarket.

Believe it or not you can, and there are people doing it right now...


I highly recommend you come along too my workshop as I will be revealing the exact step by step methods I have used to help 100's of my clients melt fat and keep it off

What Other People Are Saying

I really like his no non sense easy to understand approach. Also have started his free 7 day and going to order more of his products in the near future. His recipe books look amazing. Been trying to find a good clean eating site for months.now I ave found it!

- Tammy L

Thank you for all your valuable info I have been doing the back to basics 7 day meal plan for a week and a half loving it, my clothes were getting tight now they are getting loose hooray! I am very motivated just needed that little nudge, looking forward to hearing more wonderful stuff thank you once again.

- Tania F

Today is exactly 1 month of clean eating following Chris Bridger's 7 day free plan. I feel amazing and have had amazing results - 8.2kgs lost, 9% reduction in body fat, loss of 5cm from chest, 2cm from stomach, 4cm from Hips and 4cm from Butt! Thank you Chris, you have helped changed my life for the better and I am now well on my way to my goal weight with 33.5kgs to go. I have done many diets in my life and this feels so different, this is a Lifestyle change not a Diet and I am really enjoying the food and how I feel, the best part is how simple it is to do around working, being a wife and a busy Mum to a 3 year old and 4 mth old! Looking forward to my results for the next month"

- Krystle H

I think you are doing a great thing. This is a very good eating plan. I lost weight (23kg) before with Weight Watchers (before they were bought by Nestle and have gone completely away from clean healthy eating).   I kept the weight off for ten years, until difficult circumstances and emotional stress started a comfort eating habit. Now I am back to clean eating (not Weight Watchers but a strict detox eating plan), and feel so much better for it.  I have lost the weight, but still have to fight the voice in my head that tells me to just indulge myself and eat whatever I want. Thank you for providing this great eating plan to people for free. You are a good man and this is a great mission.

- Andrea

Hey Chris really enjoying this, I started last week and weighed in today 1 week later and I've lost 8 kgs. This clean eating thing is really working for me thanks for the recipes!

- Tracey

"I am on it, just finished my first week of the 8 week challenge and lost 3 kgs. I cant stick to a diet but this one is different and amazing . I am looking forward to being my ideal weight in a few months, love it.



 I am doing the clean eating plan and it is the best I have ever done. I have just started their 8 week challenge, the food is amazing as you get to pick your own menu. It absolutely  is worth a look into. It does cost but it is very reasonable and very worth it. They are vey helpful when needed. Do yourself a favour and be the new you next summer.."

- Frances W

After my third reconstructive knee surgery, Ross River Fever and then being diagnosed and treated for Arthritis, finally waking up without pain was a dream come true. I could now, after almost four years, get some control back into my life and start getting my fitness and health back on track. It was at this time that I met Chris and we discussed the reasons why I wanted to join  and what goals I wanted to achieve.  I joined that day and started to get my life back.  After the first month I was struggling to move any weight and I knew I needed some help to get the results that I wanted. Once my mind was set on personal training I had no hesitation in asking Chris to be my trainer.  What a blessing that has been!  We started training that week and things have not looked back. I started my weight loss journey at 124 kilos and I am currently 84 kilos. With Chris's help and guidance (and a lot of sweat and hard work from me) I have managed to lose 40 kilos in 38 weeks and have dropped from a size 22 down to a size 14.  I have never been a size 14 in my life and never imagined I could get results like this in such a short amount of time.  His knowledge about weight loss and how to get results has been an essential part of my weight loss success.  He is always encouraging me to keep going, especially on the weeks where I have been dissappointed in only losing one or two hundred grams.  His support, guidance and the belief in me, and that I can reach my goals, keeps me pushing myself every day.  For that I give him a big THANKYOU!

- , Mell

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